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BrokenFace Podcast Episode 2

This week, the Broken Face Mob assembles to break splicer faces in Bioshock 2, hellish faces in Dante's Inferno, Russian and/or American faces in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Russian Mutant faces in STALKER, and Microsoft Game Studios face...


I like WWII better than Modern Combat

I like WWII The first thing that happened when news broke that Treyarch was making the next Call of Duty game and it was going to be set during WWII, was people lost it. "HOW DARE THEY GO BACK TO WORLD WAR TWO!" I loved Call of Duty 2 and...


The Start of the Affair: Three Games from the Past

I can claim 3 titles as fully instating my love of video games. I don't remember the order that I first played these games but I will try to put them in the order that I think I first played them. These games fully transformed me into the G...


Real Life LEGO Indiana Jones

This may be one of the most outrageously creative things I have seen in a long time I am so happy that Idiots like these exist. Without people like these guys, the Internet would be a much more boring place. Enjoy!


Will Banjo 3 save Rare?

Rares legacy on the N64 led to a huge majority of my greatest childhood gaming memories and with the upcoming release of the next Banjo Kazooie on 360, I'm hoping Rare will regain some of it's long gone fanbase. Banjo Kazooie on N64 is ...



It had a good run I guess I just spent all damn day trying to download the Call of Duty 4 maps, I finally get to play some games with a friend and then after 2 crashes, I get the Red Rings of Death. I will head to Best Buy tomorrow and p...


Josh Larsen(destroyer of Worlds) Fired from GameSpot

JUSTICE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!! At long last, the man single handily responsible for the voluntary leaving of many Gamespot editors and involuntary and unjust leaving of Jeff Gerstmann has been kicked out the Door. There will be much rejoicing...


Morgan Webb: Your Video Game Addiction Psychologist

Morgan Webb is on Tyra to tell you what your Gaming Interests/addiction say about the "Inner" You Original article: http://danielprimed.com/regular-features/gaming-analysis/watch-morgan-webb-totally-degrade-video-games-on-the-tyra-ban...


Parents TV has the right Idea

Here we have a taped segment from Parents TV about Violent Video games, but Wait this one is different. Not once does anyone say that Video Games Destroy youth Not once does anyone say that Video Games should be banned Not once does anyo...


My GOODWILL is not magical :(

After hearing about all the Goodwill magic that is talked about on RetroforceGo I decided to hit up my local Goodwill to see what they had. All they had was lame dated Genesis sports games. Nothing worth buying at all. Here are some thing...


N+ XBLA Review

Note: for all that said that my late night C-blog sucked last night, your right. Here is the review: EDIT: This Game Gets Really Freaking Hard Early On N+ is Like Portal in a way, not because of gameplay style, but because of how the deve...


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I play a lot of games on almost every system. I have been a Hardcore gamer since the early 90's. I somehow stumbled on to video games when I discovered my parents original Gameboy and NES. From then on I have been playing and I can honestly say I will probably never stop as long as I live. Most of my time is spent Gaming, exploring the internets, and listening to Video Game Podcasts.

My favorite genres are:
Action Adventure, Shooters, Puzzle, Racing, Platform, Portal, Action RPGs, and Music/Rythm.

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