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How did you spend your weekend gaming? Escalation Protocol farming - with a bit of cheese on the side. It's something our group was doing the previous week, but this week's boss is more rewarding since every (awesome Ikelos) weapon drops.


Views from the East: Free-to-play and Microtransactions

Fifteen years ago I fell in love with a frog. And no, it's not a tale of myself being an Asian prince, and a warts-covered green amphibian turning into a princess. It was, literally, a frog -- a J. Frog if you will. This frog was from a fre...

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Timeless is currently in limbo, and it's all your fault

Time-travel and comedy, two things that go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, or rum and coke. We've seen the popularity of films like the Back to the Future trilogy, Bill & Ted's excellence in the genre, and Arm...


(1) So week 3 after Destiny’s Warmind was released, all my characters are 385 level. Most gear (equipped and in-vault are 385). Beat the Lair several times, and also Escalation Protocol (this week’s boss is fairly easy). Looks like I’m back to a


Deadpool 2’s box office haul worries me a bit. It’s an awesome movie (I definitely found it funnier compared to the first). But it grossed $7M lower than the original, even with double the budget, and failed to meet the $305-350M prediction.


It's a Shoot: The only gamers I watch are wrestlers

I was never a big fan of streaming. Don't get me wrong, I see no problem with people playing games and having others watch them as they complete levels -- but the activity never truly piqued my interest. I guess I am more of the 'I would ra...


Destiny 2's Lair boss beaten in 7 seconds

Destiny. Love it or hate it, players know that the franchise's raid encounters are some of its best and most challenging endgame content. If you're one of those who'd find certain boss fights and phases fairly complex or time-consuming, it ...


Any Destiny players here? I've beaten the new Lair (Raid) thrice already and the boss mechanics were brutal. Once you get it down though, it becomes almost like muscle memory. I know a lot of players detest it due to the difficulty...


Are Destiny players getting agitated too easily?

It's been a long, sordid affair for Destiny 2, and developer Bungie has taken a lot of flak -- some of it well-deserved given the issues with the game. But has it come to a point when a player's frustrations over the game take precedence ov...


So Destiny: Warmind’s patch is 6.5 gigs. Done. Just a little over 3 hours to go until the dlc goes live. Anyone else looking forward to it?

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I’ll be heading on vacation for the weekend. Hint - it’s Thanos’ place of “rest and relaxation”. 2nd time heading there, but first time I’m with my wife’s relatives (like 15 people). Have any of you folks gone there before?


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