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Me, looking for the part they remastered in Tales of Symphonia Remastered:


I just survived a 9-hour shift at my part-time job. I have a headache and am sleepy, but otherwise I'm fine! I could use the money.


New Pokemon Scarlet/Violet trailer! Very nice. I expect lewds of everyone shown here within the next 10 minutes.


Missing a month of work left me in a delicate balancing act as of late where my finances are so low that I have just enough to make it to the next paycheck. On the upside, it's gotten me to continue cooking my meals, which can only be good for my health.


"Stress Can Feel GOOD?" Sakurai, NO!! We've been over this - you work too hard...


A box arrived with a good thing inside - HA-PPY DAAAAAAAAY!!! BUMP!


Short, sweet, and explains what's going on. I'm ready for November now!


Big O is LIVE!!!! The kit runs about $64 or so. I'm absolutely broke right now, but thankfully the preorder runs until the end of October. BUMP! https://www.goodsmileus.com/product/moderoid-big-o-9047


Anyone else having trouble with post office tracking numbers? I've had two packages, both of which haven't been updated. One just arrived and the tracking number finally updated all at once. Gee, thanks.


They're ending the USPS Free COVID-19 Test Program soon. Every home is eligible for up to 8 tests, so feel free to get any you're missing. Better safe than sorry! https://special.usps.com/testkits


Picking back up Guilty Gear because Brisket. Ky Kiske in Arcade Mode is surprisingly-hard to beat!


I did the best I could with the time I had. Now the fate of the Splatfest is in everyone else's hands! SHOW ME ROCK!!!!


Have you ever had an ongoing barrage of big/small annoyances that keep building up and leave you needlessly frustrated with nowhere to vent them? I'm feeling that now. I have a strong urge to punch someone...


Two of my friends were talking to me about living with them. They apparently talk about it often. I wouldn't mind it, to be honest! I just have a lot of junk at home, and would really like to make more money first. I know they wouldn't mind, but still.


Neco-Arc is great! She can open up FGO to roll the gacha for attacks. Just pure chaos.


My Mom's Birthday gift hasn't arrived yet, I have pink eye in both my eyes, and Clip Studio Paint is changing to a subscription service in 2023. Today SUCKS!


> When your bi-annual bonus comes just in time to keep your bank account from dipping into the double digits


One Punch Man season 3 was just announced. Yay?


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