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There'll be 3 more characters coming after Annie? The Skullgirls Hype Train is HERE!!!! Don't call it a comeback... https://steamcommunity.com/games/245170/announcements/detail/3017946057966482919


I can finally show you this! It's a drawing I made of Popā˜†Step, The Crawler, and Knuckleduster from the manga "My Hero: Vigilantes". This is my entry for the Less than Legal fanzine (a collection of stories and fanart). I had a lot of fun with it! BUMP!


I only had enough time for a few last-minute matches before the beta closed today, and this one was my favorite. If you're reading this PlasticTree, I owe you a match when the full game comes out!


My tax return dropped! Between this and what I've saved from unemployment last year, I feel like I should be making some big life moves with this somehow. I still don't know what, though. I don't think it's enough to start living on my own consistently...


Possible PSA for anyone still interested in those Mario pins. Some people say they were still able to get them, so it's worth a shot.


Another roundtable discussion thingy with Japanese fighting game devs is about to start. Not sure what'll be revealed there if anything, but it might be worth a watch.


After lots of error messages and waiting, I finally played some more Guilty Gear Strive! I'm...not the best, but this match was cool. BUMP!


Hey! Look!! The Guilty Gear Strive Open Beta Test is live now! https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0036-CUSA24910%20-GGSTOBTUS0000100


In the Japan version of the Direct there was a surprisingly-wholesome Shin-chan game revealed. It looks so pretty and calm. Reminds me a bit of Attack of the Friday Monsters.


So, those Mario pins...the codes are supposed to be live now, but suddenly all the missions aren't loading. I have exactly 15. Every time I refresh the page it shows a different amount. [Update]: I GOT THE PINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SNK vs Capcom is out on Switch today! Lots of good stuff happening in one day, huh?


I've decided I'm getting Persona 5 Strikers on PS4. Now comes the big question - do I get it from Gamestop and get the Joker pin, or do I get it from Best Buy and get the steelbook? And in related news:


Lots of people playing the Guilty Gear beta right now. I can't wait to play it in 2 days!


Here's some more Guilty Gear Strive gameplay! It's pretty good. Just about everyone gets a chance to shine...unless they're up against Ky. Then it's time for pain.


I just got back home from work, and it was pretty bad. The journey home was even worse, though! It's been raining all day, and it's so cold that it all turned to ice. Details below.


Box Time! If I got paid to do these I'd make a living off of it. That'd be pretty cool. Deets below!


It's not new or anything, but this is a really neat clay recreation of the map from Super Mario World!


TFW you have a dream about working in a retail environment (that's different from your own) and someone else working there falls over and is in terrible pain, but no one takes them to the hospital or anything. What CRYPTIC advice are you giving me, dream?


The new Ratchet & Clank comes out June 11th! I can't wait to get this when the PS5 Slim comes out.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is coming out a lot sooner than I expected! Love the remix.


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