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Alright! I'm off of work and have a...*checks schedule* one-day weekend. But I'm off Monday. And I totally didn't ask to be off on June 12 for Nintendo's E3 Direct. No, that would be irresponsible...


In other news, I'm kinda in a mood to bust some puzzles wide open with Layton right now. Should I go with Azran Legacy, or the Ace Attorney crossover?


When you're getting on in years but still wanna style on some fools ( Source: https://twitter.com/silverchop/status/999460717299302400 )


This is a LOT of work to go through for some candy, but it's really cool to watch it be put together for some reason. Japan's candy is on a whole other level!


Here are the winners of the Shantae/Hat in Time giveaway this weekend! Vxxy chose the game, and GoofierBrute will be getting the pins in the mail. Congrats to these two, and thanks to everyone else for playing :D!


Just letting you guys know that I've contacted the first winner of my giveaway via their Dtoid inbox. They have until Wednesday to reply, and if not I'll pick someone else, and then the 2nd winner. Thanks for playing, everyone :D!


Hey everybody! I'm doing a giveaway for two people where you can win either: A copy of Half-Genie Hero(with all the DLC) on Steam, or a two-pin set from A Hat in Time. All you have to do is comment below! Winners will be picked Monday. US only please!


Happy Birthday, Parismio! May your lumberjack waifus give you lots of hugs and cake.


Friendly reminder that the Kickstarter for Knuckle Sandwich ends at Noon EDT (1 1/2 hours from now)!


And it looks like I have another choice to make tonight. Your Name is on sale on PSN for $2! But do I get the sub or dub version? I'm honestly fine with either.


So I'm deciding what to get in that PSN sale. I think I'll either get Journey for $6, or DMC4:SE for $9. Both seem interesting in their own way...


After a troublesome shift at work I'm home for the weekend! I have 3 days off for a change. While my next week is kinda short, I appreciate the time to work on other things. I also need to become more hire-able, and fast. But for now, I need a drink!


Today has been a good day for rolling gacha! I only had enough orbs for 1 character, too.


I haven't been showing much of my art lately, as I've had a few commissions I've been working on at once. I have a 3-day weekend coming up, so I'm hoping to fix that. Have some art of my semi-delinquent OC in the meantime!


Also, I have decided: I'm gonna get a PSN gift card! I'll use it to buy Night in the Woods, which I backed way back when but only for a dollar because I was broke. I've heard plenty of good things about it, so I'm excited!


I finally got my Hat in Time pins in the mail! Here they are on my definitely-not-tacky bookbag. Interestingly-enough, they gave me two sets of pins. I think I may do a giveaway for the 2nd set.


I can't believe I survived today! Pretty tired, but I always am. Now I'm deciding what $20 gift card I want from Hypno's giveaway. Do I go for Amazon(does Amazon do gift cards?), PSN, or the 3DS eshop?


I've got a pretty long day ahead of me tomorrow(for me, anyway), so I should probably get some rest soon. Anything special you guys do to prepare for a long day?


Happy Mother's Day to all the Dtoid Moms and Moms-to-Be! And if the rest of you haven't yet, be sure to show some love to your...


There was a short demo for Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers on the 3DS eshop Thursday. I played it myself and loved it! The race battles are fun, the cutscenes are cool, and it all has this light Mad Max vibe to it. Here's GameXplain going through it. BUMP!


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