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I'm finally off of work! Now I can go straight hom...home, the long way.


If the work thing wasn't bad enough, my Mom is ticked and I now have a dog-related talk coming to me when I get home. Past talks have restricted things, forced me to pay $50 a week to the gas bill, and almost got me kicked out of the house once. Yay...


The long work days continue! I'll be going to work again in a little while. Definitely a longer day, but I'll try to hang in there. I have even more hours next week - one day will have me there for full-time hours! I need more energy/rest somehow...


I guess we got a little bonus at Staples, because I actually got two paychecks this week! The other one is smaller, but it's just enough to where I can put the money on the gas immediately, and then set aside a little for my Savings account. Sweet!


6-hour work shift completed. So much for my day off! But by the looks of things, my next few weeks will be very lucrative.


I'm off today. Stepdad is inconveniently home too and is endlessly pestering me to make a list of the myriad of chores I have (ie: everything), plus his usual nagging. Then my Supervisor texted me about extra hours. I jumped at the chance!


Valentine's Day has never really been on my radar. Aside from a few occasions at school, I've never had much reason to celebrate it. Instead I'll do the next-best thing: read a yuri visual novel! That's close, right?


I'm not interesting enough to think up a plausible lie, so I'll just give you life updates! Those are almost the same, right? This one's kinda long, so apologies in advance.


King of Fighters 2002 (the standard version) is being given out for free on GOG until the 15th. Link in the comments.


I'm still sleepy, but today's gonna be a long day! For me, anyway. I haven't had a 6-hour work day at Staples (on purpose) before. At least I get a 30-minute lunch break for once. Here I go...


I FINALLY got Hector! I've been going after him since Skill Inheritance became a thing. And now I'm gonna do something I've wanted to do for a LONG time...


A Sakura match in SFV:AE! I had lost to this Akuma in the match before, but this time I actually started picking up on what he was doing. Probably not the most graceful win, but I managed!


TFW you have a SFV clip you wanna upload, but it's slightly too long for either PS4 or Twitter and you can't clip it any further without cutting it off...


I didn't cry at the end of Paddington 2...YOU cried at the end of Paddington 2! A wonderful sequel to a wonderful movie!


Home is getting stuffy today, what with all the constant chores expected of me. So I'm going out to see Paddington 2 to get some time to myself. I enjoyed the first one!


Anyone have any recommendations for PC gamepads? Preferably a cheap one. My current one has an issue where one of the trigger buttons keeps firing off randomly from just moving the controller. Or I could just get another Logitech F310 I guess...


I got into the Acceleration of Suguri 2 beta! I'll get to play the game as they test it. It's a danmaku/fighting game starring characters from the Suguri/Sora series. Here's some old gameplay of it.


How are the Garden of Sinners movies? With the Fate: GO crossover event going on, I'm considering watching one to try and make sense of things.


Not a bad day. I was off of work again, but I didn't have to leave the house to find out this time. The weather was nice (chilly, but bright), I got some commission work done, and Coach Jet helped me in SFV. Not bad at all...


On my way to work, the train had major delays, so I had to take an Uber. On my way there, I was contacted by work saying they don't need me to come in after all. Great...


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