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Rocket League looks rather pretty when it's not going at 10FPS on my last laptop. Also, that banner looks kinda familiar...


Dragon Idol GET! I just so happened to have watched the concert video for the event starring Siren, then immediately after I summoned her AND Summer Cleo. SWEET!


This animated adventure game called Later Alligator looks AMAZING! It'll be coming out September 5th.


Superbeat XONIC is only 89 cents on the Switch eshop! https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/superbeat-xonic-switch/


So I've been pet-sitting for some friends this week, living at their house as I did so. It was interesting living on my own for a bit, even if I couldn't afford to do much in the end besides watching their Netflix and using my laptop. 2 days left...


So, that big bonus I was supposed to get from work...turned out to be not that much. I thought it'd be a big bonus like last time, but it's a tiny amount more in line with what we used to get every few months last year but stopped getting. Yaaaay...


CHAO GARDEN!? There's no way to access the site just yet, but I bet there will be soon... http://notthechaogardenblackmarket.com


So Saitama is basically a round-ending Super with a timer. Interesting idea!


This remix of Station Square from Sonic Adventure is AWESOME!! It has a bit of an SA2 vibe to it.


Here's a quick sketch of Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia. She's reading a heartfelt letter of thanks from a fan :). Hands are hard, but I tried! Final BUMP!


Meet Lethal League Blaze's new character, Dust&Ashes (or as I call them, The Bombtastic Bag Man)! They'll be part of an update coming out soon alongside the fixes for the console versions. Interesting!


FREE GAMES ALERT! So now that I can run things I went through one of my Humble Bundle accounts to activate stuff. In 3 cases, it turns out I already owned those games. I'm putting the Steam codes for them down below! Please comment if you redeem one :).


A Hat in Time arrives on Switch October 18th! It'll include the Seal the Deal DLC and Co-op mode. Pre-orders are live now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WFQCHS1?tag=editorial08-20&ascsubtag=47964d3c-aab7-4033-9aa8-e256c2a60027


Astral Chain has an opening movie out, and it's very anime. I like it!


Remember Knuckle Sandwich? Well, it's now being supported by SUPERHOT (the company). They started a fund to support indies now. Sounds nice! [URL]https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brphy/knuckle-sandwich-a-dang-rpg/posts/2595449[\URL]


New Shantae 5 information! It's now called Shantae and the Seven Sirens. No release date, but lots of other info on Wayforward's site: https://wayforward.com/wayforward-reveals-official-title-and-new-details-for-shantae-and-the-seven-sirens


So, after some thought, I finally decided on a laptop. It's a Dell G7, and it basically has everything I want out of it. Apparently it'll arrive tomorrow. Thanks SO much to Tohsaka, indigit4l, and everyone else who gave me suggestions!


I jumped on that MicroSD card sale, and it came in early! I know I'll almost never be looking at this, but I like the red color scheme and the mushroom symbol. Now if Nintendo can fix and give me back my Joycons, I'd be set...


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