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#Hydratoid I got a box of fancy tea that I've been wanting to get for a while now. Also oat milk to go with it. It's pretty good~


In other news, My Friend Pedro turned a sour mood into a hopeful one and really improved my day. Thanks, Pedro!


So, that $10 sale! The only 2 games I want I'm not 100% sold on - Furi (if it's too Git Gud I probably won't like it) and Naruto Ninja Storm 3 (a shame 4 isn't on sale). Hmm...


I remembered this remix from an old YTP video (back before they were called that). Still funny!


These past few days of closing shifts have made me feel like I'm in an Endless Eight situation. The differences between each day are there, but they're mostly subtle. I feel like I'm not accomplishing much. I have just 2 days to go 'til the weekend...


My Friend Pedro is finally out tomorrow, and this launch trailer is AMAZING!


Life updates! Just some bits and pieces of what I'm doing. Details in the comments.


The news of No More Heroes 3 has me interested in finally trying Travis Strikes Again - is it worth it for $21 on the eshop?


So apparently there was a slightly-extended trailer for No More Heroes 3 in Japan. Some more scenes, a bit bloodier, and like a second or two more of what must be gameplay at the beginning. AWESOME!


Speaking of light rods... (I really wish they kept dubbing this!)


Looks like NISA has their own E3 stream tomorrow night. Not sure what I'd be looking forward to from them, but something with Etna/Flonne would be nice! [Edit]: Stream is live! Turns out they're playing Disgaea 4: https://www.twitch.tv/nisamerica


...I'm gonna have to get to selling some prints and junk over the next year, because that was a LOT of cool games I can't afford yet!


Suda? What are you saying, Suda? ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING!?


I've had incredibly-good gacha luck with Dragalia Lost lately! I pulled the new Adventurer and 2 Dragons, all of whom are 5-stars. Screenshots below.


The Limited Run Games E3 conference had no mention of VA-11 HALL-A...


Ikumi Nakamura was the most Moe part of this conference. I demand cute fanart of her like Yarn Guy!


Me: FINALLY! Work is over, so I can finally get some slee- Devolver Digital: *Has their E3 conference in 3 hours* Me:


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