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Publisher Qubic Games is giving out 10 free games on the US eshop. If you own one of their games (Coloring Book is free), then from the 15th until Christmas you can redeem an additional free game each day. Don't know much about them but hey, they're free!


Luigi's Mansion 3 and Glow-in-the-dark controllers? HECK YEAH!! https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/sweepstakes/


Today's giveaway is for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Cute plushies, too! https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/sweepstakes/


I'm not gonna lie, I just want that holographic hat. https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/sweepstakes/


Today's giveaway is for Link's Awakening! https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/sweepstakes/


Looks like the KH3 Re:Mind trailer leaked early. It was supposed to air during Sony's State of Play. They privated the video, but the internet never forgets...


Nintendo Holiday Giveaway Day 2: Super Mario Maker! https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/sweepstakes/


The Sekiro Holiday Dynamic Theme is free on PSN in the US. Link below, since it won't play nice with QPosts.


My Nintendo (remember that thing?) has a new giveaway each day to enter until the 12th. Worth a try, I'd imagine! https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/sweepstakes/


This is pretty cool! There aren't many game worlds I could stand to do this in. Would be interesting in something like Xenoblade Chronicles or Gravity Rush.


My first of 3 Black Friday orders has finally arrived! People keep saying it's pretty good, and even though I've seen enough clips of it to have played it secondhand at this point, I figured I'd see what the hubbub is about in-person.


ORDER UP!!! I made dinner. Might've used a bit too much of the flavored butter, but I think it came out fine. Now to eat!


I'm off for the next 3 days and still home alone! Time to chill and get stuff done at my own pace.


The Phantom Thieves have left their mark on some US cities: Little Tokyo (LA), Japantown (SF), Chicago, and New York. A shame the date leaked, but this is still a neat way to reveal the release date.


FUTABA FIGMA!!~ It's a good thing I'm broke at the moment, or I'd probably consider pre-ordering it.


Reminder that the Megaman event is going on in Dragalia Lost right now. The stages are fun to go through as the Blue Bomber himself!


My folks are out on vacation for a week, so I have the house to myself! Also it just so happens to be a day off. Time for fun and commissions!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you all have a good one :). And for those who don't celebrate it, Happy Thursday!


Steam's Thanksgiving-But- Basically-Christmas Sale is on now! I haven't wanted much from it in recent years, but if there's a game you're interested in it's worth a look to see if it's on sale.


Anyone know of a good wireless mouse that doesn't cost $50? Preferably one with a back/forward button. I like my current one, but it's so old some of the scroll wheel's notches are worn down and it gets stuck sometimes.


On the one hand, PHYSICAL VA-11 HALL-A and I like these bonuses. On the other, I am cheap and $60 is quite a bit...


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