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I was able to get a 6-month deferment on my student loans (half of them anyway), in which I need to pay off over $620 before it ends. In that time I should probably find a new job somehow, as this doesn't pay nearly enough (and still hurts my feet)...


I basically spent all day on this! Still not DONE done, but it's mostly-done. SO many little details! Final BUMP!! @Osc


2nd best P5 girl (after Futaba...and Takemi...and Kawakami) Makoto Nijima gets a Persona Q2 trailer today!


The Game Designer behind Spider-Man 2's swinging system gets to play Insomniac's Spider-Man for the first time. I'm surprised he hadn't been given a copy beforehand!


I rather like this English cover of Samurai Champloo's 2nd ending. A good beat, but still calm~


Looks like I missed posting the trailers for Teddie and...*reads smudged writing on hand* Light Yagami, but I didn't miss this one! It's Mitsuru Kirijo, from Persona 3!


For the first time in a while I decided to play some SFV. I did better than I thought, but I'm still a bit rusty. I should probably try out some more online games over the next 8 months, huh?


Anyone have any advice for foot/ankle pain? I had to take off from work today because it's so bad I can barely walk. I'm gonna try and see my Podiatrist soon, too.


That feeling when you go to buy a game on the eshop and remember that you won a giveaway months ago for $10 eshop credit and a $30 game just turned into a $20 game:


I have decided to finally get Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright tomorrow! I've been meaning to for years now. While I did wanna get it physically at first, I think I'll go with digital since it's much cheaper than elsewhere.


ATLUS recently released the first English trailer for Etrian Odyssey Nexus!


Margaret trailer for Persona Q2! I get the feeling she's saying some very funny things in the most serious voice imaginable.


The Humble Discovery Pack seems like a good deal. The $10 is worth it for RWBY and Phantom Brave alone! There's also this small game in it called...Kentucky Route Zero? And hey, it supports charity!


Today was one of those long, long days where it makes me wanna ask what I'm doing working where I am. I can do better than this, just not if I stay here. I'm just tired of it... and tired in general!


Lately I've been on a mission to accomplish/see things I've been putting off. This weekend I finally saw Your Name, and this morning I picked Yuru Camp back up. I'd heartily recommend both!


The charity livestream Tip of the Hats has raised over $220,000(and counting!) for Camp One Step this year. Amazing!


Spent a good portion of my weekend on a commission from a while back. There's quite a few different parts and hardly any outlines, so it takes a lot of time getting them all to look right/add highlights/shading. It shouldn't be too much longer now! BUMP!


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