On NE: EmuParadise has removed its entire library of retro game ROMs and ISOs
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Remember that mobile game called Azur Lane I was in the closed beta for? Well, it has an open beta that just started now, so anyone can play it! It should be in the App Store/Google Play already.


Marvelous has just announced Uppers, the PS Vita brawler from a while back, is coming to PS4 and PC!! ...in Europe, at least. I have no doubt that the US announcement will be soon. The important part is that you can play as Daidouji from Senran Kagura!


And the Persona Q2 trailers keep on coming! This one focuses on Junpei, of P3 fame. Hopefully everyone gets a character trailer like this!


I made Manwiches for dinner! I know it's not from scratch but I did add a bunch of stuff to it - onion powder, garlic powder, GOYA seasoning, green peppers, and diced tomatoes. I think it came out well!


Etrian Odyssey X, now localized as Nexus, is coming West on February 5, 2019!


I fought a Sagat! I get the feeling I'm gonna be seeing a lot of him. I kinda want him to call out his tiger when attacking, like an assist or something.


It was tiring and expensive, but I made it today! I'll just chalk it up as being 6 and 1/2 hours richer next week.


Welp, what was gonna be a day off is now a 6-hour work shift covering for someone else. And I have to get there in an hour. Yay my wallet, but boo my chances of working on commissions and finishing games...


I did it - I finished Gravity Rush 2! I even finished every sidequest. I'm gonna miss this world and its characters, especially seeing as how there might not be another one. All that's left is the Raven DLC.


Another brief Persona Q2 trailer! This one has some snippets of gameplay and that Light Yagami-looking son-of-a-gun, Goro.


There's a new Senran Kagura anime coming out! Not enough Hikage so far, but the rest looks interesting.


Thanks to nanashi's PSN code giveaway, I was able to get the Presidential pulverizer known as G! I like his style and moves, so I'm sure it'll be fun to learn how to play as him.


Today I have discovered the power of making a proxy server on my laptop to download large PS4 updates. It made an update that would've taken several hours to download only take 1 hour. THE POWER!!!!


In other news, Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of The Dusk is coming to 3DS on September 28, which is 5 days after my Birthday (hinthint)! I'm loving the box art here! Aksys posted a trailer for it on twitter, which I put below. Bump!


Even in Japanese, Body Rock is the bee's knees! I could easily hear this being used in some kind of Future Funk remix or something.


Famitsu did a Persona Q2 article, and we get a good look at everyone's character art! P3/P4 team in the comments.


Not the biggest announcement today, but a Nikki Assist Trophy was the best thing I didn't know I wanted.


In other news, I got a review at Staples and was given a $2 raise as of last week! I think everyone in our section got one, and it could't have come at a better time. I wonder if I should tell my Mom, though? I dunno.


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