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Oh here I go working again! They need me to come in from ASAP to closing. My check next week, though!~


Thanks so much for the well wishes, everyone! I'm back already, and I have an idea of what the job will entail now. Deets below.


I'm on my way to a job interview now. Thanks to yesterday's work shift using up Sunday I had less time to get ready, but I did the best I could. Here's to hoping it works out!


So I get called by Staples, and they want me to get there in an hour. And work for 7 hours. And I'm really sleepy today. Yaaay...


FLCL Progressive ended last week. While it never had a chance of "living up" to the hype of the original, I still enjoyed it enough for what it was. The music was awesome as always! Here's hoping FLCL Alternative is just as good, if not better.


"How goes the rehabilitation?" It's taken me a long time, but I finally finished this Persona 5 commission! Slightly spoiler-y version below.


So, what I thought was a Thursday and Friday work week...was actually a WEDNESDAY and Thursday work week. As in today. WHOOPS...


I applied for a job at another print shop a month ago, and I interview there on Monday. It doesn't seem like much of a change from Staples but it'll at least be full-time. I'm not sure if I should actually go for it or look for an office job instead...


I recently won a giveaway for $10 on the eshop, and I'm thinking of using it. Should I get Captain Toad, which is coming out Friday, or Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, which has been out, but doesn't seem to be going down in price anywhere?


Because of a certain series of Let's Plays this classic has been stuck in my head for the past few days, even though I only understand about a third of the lyrics.


On this week's Lucky Gacha Rolls...almost nothing! Nitocris totally snubbed me, making this the 2nd time I couldn't get a 4-star Caster. Thankfully the ever-loyal Serenity appeared 5 times! Also some strong anti-Caster CEs.


Here's some gameplay of the Warioware Gold demo. That opening cutscene is perfect! This is just what I was hoping the game would be.


My work hours lately have been small. Some time off is nice, but it's not helping my financial situation. I've been thinking of advertising my commissions again, but only once I've finished what I'm working on now. I put some examples of them below. BUMP!


Warioware Gold is getting a demo today on the 3DS eshop! It'll even have full voice acting, which is nice. August 3rd can't come soon enough!


Capcom made an article for the upcoming Megaman 11 talking about Blast Man, his stage, upgrades, and challenge modes:


I've been avoiding the Steam Summer Sale, largely because I don't particularly need a new game at the moment. That said, if I was to get a new game should I get OneShot ($6), Aviary Attorney ($3.74), The Sacred Tears TRUE($5), or Serial Cleaner ($4.49)?


Question: What's...a nice way to tell someone I don't want to talk to them all the time? I have an old friend from tumblr/twitter who wants to talk to me EVERY time I'm on either of those sites. Discord too. They mean well, but I'm not that chatty...


Not to spam these, but here's just one more video for now. The game seems to have a habit of setting me up against those about to Rank Up. And it was a Ken, because of course it was...


More fighting in the streets with Girl Ryu! Also Cammy is wearing one of those new costumes from the gacha-like shop they just added in. Apparently they're skates?


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