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For some reason I have Rhythm Heaven's Glee Club song stuck in my head. Here's the Hatsune Miku version, so that you too may suffer its catchy wrath!


I held a Switch (well the Joycon grip at least) for the first time thanks to a demo at Walmart. While I'm not crazy-phantasmagorically-blown-away, everything was so nice and clean and sharp. A little smaller than I imagined, but not bad otherwise.


Playing Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble has been fun so far! Some of the touch controls are a little finnicky, but I'm getting the hang of them. I know it's considered "gimmicky", but I miss the games that take advantage of DS/3DS features like this.


In other good news, the last of my 4 for $10 games came in today! I've had the other 3 for a few days now, but Viewtiful Joe took a little longer. I'll try it out now!


On the official Sonic stream they announced the SEGA Shop at http://www.shop.sega.com. It'll go live on Tuesday. They'll be selling all kinds of clothes, toys, etc for different SEGA series. Cool! I'm hoping they'll do Jet Set Radio eventually.


So, I did that thing where I was interviewed and they gave me the job then and there. I just have to do the background check online and I'm set! Not the biggest pay I've ever had, but I'll learn some things and it helps with money stuff. So yep!


Welp, I'm going out for the interview now. Thanks for your help before, everyone!


So my 2nd interview at Staples is tomorrow. What should I expect? Also, what's upselling like? I'm probably the only person who hasn't worked retail before, and I worry that I'll have trouble doing that for the job if I get it.


Japan's next Splatfest will be Power vs. Stamina. I'd...go with the latter. For reasons.


Possibly-good news, everyone: I have a 2nd interview at Staples! It's crazy how a single week, some encouraging words from you guys, and the threat of being stuck with a worse job change your mind about a job. I'll give it a try, at least!


My Stepfather is really pushing me to get an overnight shipping/receiving job at a local supermarket. Of course he knows someone there so I'm "guaranteed" to get in. Meanwhile, I'm just hoping that the Staples/TV station jobs pan out first.


I am back with a new router and the internet that comes with it. Being a responsible adult, I made sure the essentials had service first - my 3DS, laptop, and PS4 are all up and running!


So the power was out for several hours because of a bad storm. Now the lights are back on, but our router is broke. My options are to run out in said storm to get a replacement from a service center, or wait 1-2 days for it to be delivered. So...


I'd say it does! I saw this in one of the recent update posts in Fire Emblem Heroes, and I thought I'd draw it as a practice sketch. Hopefully it still looks somewhat like Anna! Bigger version in the comments. [Edit]: Bump!


Looks like the new Sonic comic by IDW will have the same lead writer as the Archie series. They'll have the first four issues coming out every week in April 2018, then go monthly. Here's the first teaser image, drawn by Tyson Hesse:


A long day/night at work. I got by by reading the ever-awesome Super Mario comics, starring the best version of Peach!


After messing with the settings, my laptop can just handle A Hat in Time at the bare minimum, but not without some major blurriness and minor stuttering. I might just wait on the PS4 version after all. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the lovely soundtrack!


Community Shoutout to @Kerrik52, who introduced me to the wacky world of Symphogear and put up with my forever-being-called-for-chores-at-home hours. He commissioned me a while ago to sketch my favorite character, so of course I went with Chris Yukine.


So I went to Target to get an ankle brace, but while I was there I figured I'd get the free Charizard they were giving away for Sun and Moon. They gave me 2 cards, so I was wondering if anyone wanted the code for other one? [Edit]: Claimed!


I'm doing the 4 for $10 thing at Gamestop. I'm pretty much sold on Viewtiful Joe for DS and Cooking Mama 2, but I need two more games. Some ideas I had are in the comments. Or should I do 4 for $20? It has some games I've been eying but costs more.


TFW a game you've been waiting over 4 years to play is finally out but your aging laptop can barely handle it so you're left waiting for the console port which has been arbitrarily delayed.


To celebrate reaching over 110,000 downloads, Inti Creates made a gorgeous new Blaster Master Zero wallpaper!


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