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Shamelessly stolen from Twitter


Amazing how much more engaging a game can be when it doesnt constantly pause to tell you what to do! Skyward Sword is maybe a good game after all


I have to say, I really hate the portable mode controls in Skyward Sword HD. Just one of those instances where I fully understand how it works, but my brain just hates how it feels. I’ll try again later, but back to motion controls 4 me lol


Cant wait for the first strand type trailer


Investing heavily in scrotox brb


Patapon but no music


428 Shibuya Scramble is the stuff of legends.


If you could have a horse or a new gex game, wouldst thou live deliciously?


Lovely to magically and randomly develop an internal clock that says “you wake up at 7am now” with no regard for my schedule


Listenin to ABBA hope everyone has a fine day except for Torchman, I hope he has a great day.


Coming up on 6 years. Feels bad.


Thank you for weighing in Zack. I look forward to your next film paying homage to the canon.


Sorry I gamed too hard I’m an aries


Taking a shitpost break to say Narita Boy is pretty great and its criminal how few people know about it


Possibility: your favorite video game becomes real, but you are a proctologist now.


If you had the option of playing video game or videogame, would you?


2022!?!!?! Im gonna shit and piss and fart in my adult diaper and none of you can stop me! I want game NOW!




Gamer nation it is time to RISE UP!!!


Semag oediv


Video games


Video games


Godfall being ported back to last gen is the funniest thing ive seen in ages


James Cameron


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