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I Want to Punch Konami in the Face

FOR FUCK SAKES MOTHER FUCKER! Konami you dirty bastard cock sucking knob gobbler. I'm so mad at this stupid ass developer right now. do you want to know why? HUH?! DO YOU!? Okay, here is the story. I just finished Peace Walker. I thoroug...


I had the strangest dream last night (shortblog)

I was in the President of the United States' office. Only that it wasn't Obama, it was Bill Clinton. I kept trying to go on Destructoid, just so that the next day I would be able to make a blog about how epic it was that I went on Dtoid in ...


Next next next next gen consoles

I've been thinking allot about the upcoming consoles. Not the ones right after these current ones, but the ones after that, and the ones after that. Graphics can get better, that's a given. But what happens when shit's exactly like real l...


Cops play WoW?

A couple of days ago I was in my local electronics store looking for an AC adapter for my car. A policeman walks in with his partner. I notice he is buying some PS3 games, some NBA shit, a headset, that kinda stuff. As he is at the counter ...


Ugh moments in gaming: Accidental resets

Are you one of those people that always accidentally shuts off or unplugs someones console while they are in the middle of a game? I am. And when it happens, boy does it happen. You see, just a few hours ago my little brother was playin...


Games I want on my handhelds

Ikaruga I actually only stumbled upon this game a few months ago when my brother got his Dreamcast. Ever since this I laid eyes on it, I haven't stopped playing it. I can get to the fourth chapter on one credit, but after that, the game g...


Making a blog

Me and a couple of friends (some on dtoid, some not) are are starting a blog, more or less devoted to video games. Were also planning on having a podcast. So if you are interested in getting in on the action, email me at [email protected]


Hydro's mediocre videogame collection

I only own four games. Yep, four. Three PSP games and one DS game. I used to own a 360, with about 15 games. For some studid reason, I gave it to my brother; Garison. Actually that is a lie. I do own alot more than four games. If you have e...


No DS Friday Night Fights. I'm sorry.

Since I just started my new job in the big city, I cannot host or even play any Friday Night Fights tonight. Since I did not get any friend code pm's or did not see any DS related posts on the FNF forum, I guess it doesn't really matter. ...


I'm bored: Also, cheese and crackers

Has anyone ever just sat at the cblog front page and just come back to it every five minutes just to see if it is updated? Well i do that all the time. So I thought to myself, "WTF am i doing? Maybe no one is posting any blogs because th...


DS Friday Night Fights

If you have a Nintendo DS and the games listed, please post your skype name and friend codes in the comments. The more people we get playing and on skype, the more fun this will turn out. I was thinking we could maybe play some Mario Kar...


Destructoid: The Game

In a way, Destructoid is kind of like a game, actually, it is almost exactly like a video game in it's entirety. In my mind, it wouldn't be all that hard to imagine Destructoid as one of those strange, off the radar titles that could be, sa...


List: Why I Love My Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is not only my favourite hand-held, it's my favourite console of all time. The reason for this? The memories. Some of the DS's I own. I Think i have gone through around maybe, 7 in all. I grew up with the snes, but all I...


;_; How Could You Destructoid, How Could You

At the top of the Dtoid home page, it said, "Destructoid loves you, but not in that way." Why Destructoid! WHY!! That's not what you said to me last night man. I gave you everything you needed! A home, kids to call your own, 3 meals a day,...


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