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Why the PSP is better than the iPhone.

Inspired by Sony's advertisement depicting the iPhone as a gaming platform that isn't a gaming platform, I have decided to list all of the reasons that I can think of why the awful iPhone is worse than the PSP. 1. The PSP has higher prices...


This E3 sucked.

Pictured: My face during the first day of E3, and likely the rest of it. Okay, so Microsoft gives us the Wii without the remote and a fake family fake dancing to what looks like a fake game, Nintendo will rob me blind with games I want, a...


Drifloon, guys, seriously.

Why wouldn't anyone think Drifloon is the best? They're almost like Prinnies, except Voltorb would probably fill the role better... ANYWAY It looks like a balloon. And you know what balloons make me think of? JAAAAYYYSSSSAAAWWWNNN! ...


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