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Oh how my spirit is faring.

  There are many times in life that the memories and dreams we hold onto simply become distant.  At the same time, many times, there are even more experiences we regret not having.   Then there are times we simply h...


Please everyone tell me your ideas for something that will generate money and I will combine them into a solid busine$$ plan that will make profit. I'll start...wiener shaped usb type connection.


I don’t know who needs to hear this but putting trash cans in cabinets is a guest’s worst nightmare.


Coming out in March.


I love you all. Not as much as porn and shepherd’s pie though.


Glad its the weekend.


Its great to start a new year fresh. So much to look forward to...working out more, occasionally not ordering extra steak at Taco Bell, a positive outlook, and raising a kid. Most of all, I look forward to getting my hands on NECA Puppet Master figures.


In case anyone is wondering, I just hid the post I made about what happened today to a family friend’s house. On second thought, I don’t want to spread negative news or subjects to anyone who comes to a site like this as an outlet.


For any figure collectors on here. Has anyone tried out Sideshow Collectibles, in particular the Hot Toys products?


For any Ace Combat fans, Project Wingman is a fun fighter jet game in the same vain as old school Ace Combat. For less than $30 it's a steal IMO.


I've been spending some time with Immortals Fenyx Rising and I'm very much enjoying the experience so far. I get that the narration is a bit much at times, but it's fairly easy to move past. I'm going to give it 4 Scott Bakulas out of 5.


Trying out NMS for the first time in a good while. Wow, what a cool game.


I think the Steam sale kicks off today. Anything on the wishlist?


Landed this big boy.


Anyone else playing Immortals Fenyx Rising? Debating on picking this up. Some reviews seemed fairly mixed but it looks fun.


I'm looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 remastered.


How I'm feeling.


How I'm feeling today.


Bought a side table from IKEA that just required the use of four screws and the forearm strength from 20 years of jerking.


Anyone else watching The Crown? I always thought that the royal family just argued with each other while having good posture. Anyhow, I believe my idea of reality is correct.


Over the last couple of days, I've taken a stand at work about us going back to remote working. As the cases in Michigan skyrocket, I want to simply lower the chances of infecting parents with health issues. (More in comments)


I’m going to concede, as I now know that I’m losing the erection.


Shopping for a VR headset and a fleshlight. What should I play first?


There is no better feeling than delivering the first poop to a freshly cleaned office bathroom.


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