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Catch as catch can is the only way to truly win.


Coronavirus has been here all along.


This car is nice because it's low profile design allows you the freedom to throw your baby to your spouse with peace of mind. A family sedan.


If I could have one super power, it would be to turn into a small child every time I enter an airplane.


Has anyone been playing DMC3 in handheld mode on the Switch? If so, how does it perform? Debating on getting it before my trip to Germany on Saturday.


In retrospect WWF War Zone was a metaphor for life. I spent a countless amount of time reading video game magazines showing off those high res textures. Also had many attempts to rent the game from a local shop called "Moonlight Video"...


Recently on a business trip overseas my boss was extolling the virtues of one Donald Trump to some partners and this interaction between us happened...(more in the comments)


Happy B-day Wes. I wish the best for your future visits to Taco Bell.


I was Chuck E Cheese for two months. AMA


Within the mind’s depths. Floating around with glances. I am Waterbear.


Sorry to derail your weekend plans but Netflix has all the Tremors movies.


I haven’t purchased a Magic booster pack in quite a while but was able to get this fun dude today.


I don't care about GOTY debates or our current politics. My real interest is the popular opinion regarding Jordan Almonds.


It's been a quiet last couple of weeks for myself. Fatigue and falling into a pattern of going to bed around 8:00PM has killed my gaming during the week. Trying to pull through. Hope everyone is doing well!


Long snooze to fakie-wake to shorty. Just had a Pro Skater combo of naps.


I ate a burrito from Chipotle too quickly and forgot to put on my glasses before I drove at night to pick up Death Stranding. Also got to Best Buy too early because I misread when you could pick it up. This game is a real encumbrance sim.


Happy Halloween to everyone! Tonight I'm going to actually try and fight the fatigue that has been wiping me out at 8 o'clock every night. Also may try to play something other than FE: Three Houses, which is owning my soul a bit right now.


I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Tuesday is my least favorite day but attempting to stay positive. On my list this week is to work through more of The Outer Worlds, FE: Three Houses, and really need to dive back into Destiny 2 or BL3.


The joy of being promoted and increasing my international travel, yet having a company not seeming eager to address my questions about the compensation, extra PTO for traveling on weekends, and other details pertaining to life planning.


Starting up a Freedom build. I'm very new at this.


Re-downloaded Apex Legends for the fourth time...I think? Anyhow, my reaction time probably hasn't improved since the last time but going to give season 3 a try. Is the new Crypto character worth playing?


Too much Taco Bell tonight.


Went to a festival in a small town that used a large field for parking. There wasn’t anyone directing traffic in the lot and we were early. Upon trying to leave we discovered that people just parked their vehicles in a long row trapping us in.


After being inspired by some others posting pictures of their cats. Let me introduce Lando...he has some issues.


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