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How I'm feeling today.


Bought a side table from IKEA that just required the use of four screws and the forearm strength from 20 years of jerking.


Anyone else watching The Crown? I always thought that the royal family just argued with each other while having good posture. Anyhow, I believe my idea of reality is correct.


Over the last couple of days, I've taken a stand at work about us going back to remote working. As the cases in Michigan skyrocket, I want to simply lower the chances of infecting parents with health issues. (More in comments)


I’m going to concede, as I now know that I’m losing the erection.


Shopping for a VR headset and a fleshlight. What should I play first?


There is no better feeling than delivering the first poop to a freshly cleaned office bathroom.


Help, my boner has lasted over four hours.


I'm ready for the RTX 3080-less weekend.


Watching a documentary on Netflix about a guy having an obsessive relationship with an octopus and now I don’t feel bad about having debates about the best Alien movie with my cat.


Does Spiderman wear underwear?


MMO's are always difficult for me to get into. I just want to get to the point where I can wear pointy armor while riding a rainbow horse with a koala on my shoulder. How do I get there?


If you double 69, do you just do a 360? That is my philosophical contribution, please ponder and return with your observations.


Do you think the director told Wesley Snipes to pretend this guy is taxes?


I've started drinking GFUEL and now it's my primary liquid intake. Pro-tip: If you only drink GFUEL, you can utilize your own pee as a general purpose cleaner.


Back in my office and listening to some Naughty By Nature. I feel like going into everyone's individual office and showing them some mad Yoyo tricks.


For now on, I'm going to say the first thing that comes to my mind. Poop frickles.


It has been a busy first month with our little guy. Thankfully, Death Stranding prepared me for carrying multiple bags and a car seat without stumbling over rocks and falling into a river. I hope everyone is doing well.


Playing Outer Wilds now that it's on Steam. Man...this game messes with some strange fears. Is the same reason I struggle getting far in Subnautica.


Currently 12-hours in at the hospital with my wife. After experiencing the first part of what it takes to go through inducing labor, I have a completely new outlook on the process and strength it takes to go through this.


My wife is scheduled to be induced on Monday. I'm a bit nervous about it but I'm hoping to enjoy my last weekend before it goes down!


Is anyone playing Sea of Thieves? Would be fun to get a small group together.


I'm going to miss taking a midday shower after I poop when I have to return to an office again.


Anyone else trying out PSO2? Finally was able to install successfully and I must say...I’m enjoying it so far. Also I hope everyone is finding something to escape with for at least a little while.


I hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't forget to feed your Geodude.


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