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#shoutouttoid to all the people whom I've disagreed with but still kept it cordial and friendly. That level of character deserves respect and I strive to be as respectful.


For my list of people I'd loke to give a shout put to, please refer to the Master Gaming List from Robo Panda Z (shout out)


Horizon Palico set is complete!


Hey here is my Hunter!


Shoggoth, I have a D&D game Saturday and I'm gonna use your name as a celebration of your birth. Enjoy your day! [Edit: I'll inform you of your fate]


Wes was the ghost writer for Chris Carter's The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds review and score.


At this point, about the only (AAA) game that can top MHW for me is if Bloodborne 2 or Metroid Switch releases. It's pure gameplay goodness. Reminds me so much of the Souls games and in some ways Mega Man bosses. Story is rightfully shoved in the trunk.


Soft baked versus crunchy chocolate chip cookie.


We talk quite a bit about favorite anime series and movies based on series, but what's everyone's favorite Anime movie. Tekkonkinkret would be mine.


Got my headset in. Audio is lousey, but for 20 what are you gonna do. I'll take suggestions for a nice pair of headphones for ps4 for the near future


Finally going to play Monster Hunter! For those looking to party together, I just ordered a new headset as my Mic has died. So I'm all mute


I had 30 minutes to play Monster Hunter World! 30 minutes does not take you far at the start of a new monster Hunter, though.


You want people to know a game is serious. You don't say it's the dark souls of, say, strategy games. Try: "It's the Mike Martin of Strategy Games." The room will give you air, I promise. Side note, I've got norovirus. It's the Mike Martin of throwing up!


Waited 3 months for my kids neuropsychological eval for Autism Spectrum Disorder and now I have to reschedule because she has norovirus. Could use some good vibes, folks.


I tried so hard to stay up to midnight for Monster Hunter but I'm just too dang old. Woke up at 2:30 with controller in hand and daughter passed out on shoulder. No idea when I'll get a chance to play again.


Well what the shit I have to buy Celeste now!


I'm excited for Iconoclast, but that OK KO trailer has me pretty hot. Plus Capy games studio... Man, that's some high pedigree.


Why is Monster Hunter not out at this moment why why why why! You know it's done, Capcom!


I made the mistake of reading the Far Cry 5 PC hardware reccomendations thread. Good Lord that is a lot of model numbers and I don't know what any of it meant. Good on the folks who are into it, but I just want to buy a box and know that things will work.


Dungeons and Dragons night! Got my DM stuff ready to roll. We have a bunch of new players that have joined mid-campaign, so we decided to close this one out in April to start a new one all together. Pretty exciting! Though I'll have to reveal big bad soon


Bought Princess Mononoke on Blu-ray. Haven't seen it in almost 10 years. Miss that movie so much, hyped af to watch it tonight. Mrs. Large IV hasn't seen it either. Now to pick between sub or dub. Both are amazing.


15 minutes to hunt the Nergigante is not a lot. Have gotten pretty close. Just need to seal the deal


I'd like to Expecto her Patronus, know what I'm sayin'


Got a scratch on my actual eye at work today. One of the risks working with the profoundly mentally and physically challenged. Plus I'm diabetic, so that's all kinds of scary. Eye drops every hour and antibiotic on the eye twice a day.


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