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Dungeons and Dragons night! Got my DM stuff ready to roll. We have a bunch of new players that have joined mid-campaign, so we decided to close this one out in April to start a new one all together. Pretty exciting! Though I'll have to reveal big bad soon


Bought Princess Mononoke on Blu-ray. Haven't seen it in almost 10 years. Miss that movie so much, hyped af to watch it tonight. Mrs. Large IV hasn't seen it either. Now to pick between sub or dub. Both are amazing.


15 minutes to hunt the Nergigante is not a lot. Have gotten pretty close. Just need to seal the deal


I'd like to Expecto her Patronus, know what I'm sayin'


Got a scratch on my actual eye at work today. One of the risks working with the profoundly mentally and physically challenged. Plus I'm diabetic, so that's all kinds of scary. Eye drops every hour and antibiotic on the eye twice a day.


Robo Panda Z you are a treasure and our treasure. Hope your birthday is all that you deserve it to be.


Torchman, this seems like your kind of thing.


My children, nieces and nephews are flipping their shit over this Nintendo Labo.


Happy birthday Larx and Wes. For the former, my love and respect. For tge latter, something to keep you warm at night.


Is a certain new user a certain old user who was a certain even older user. I'm almost certain that this is certainly the case.


Dragon Ball server still down. I had money ready to drop on this thing. I didn't. But I was going to anyway. Confidence in this has tanked. Anyone else get to play yet.


First D&D session in 3 weeks and it was awesome. My DM game was strong. Lots of fights, lots of feels and some surprises. The extra time really helped me put this particular thread together. What a night!


Oh shoot, happy bday Malika. Sorry I almost missed it. Hope you're drunk and chilling with juic3


Dark Souls amiibo?


I got extra pay and I was super responsible with it. How could you all let me do this!!!


Having a hectic day. Happy birthday real quick to the two sexy birthday beast. Also, you all know what this dark souls news is doing to me.


I don't know if anyone hates the movie Avatar as deeply as I do, but this was a wonderful treat.


Happy Birthday NakedBigBoss! I don't usually comment on your posts because our interests don't always overlap, but I still consider you part of my dtoid family, having read your thoughts for years. Your a good dude, and I hope you day is awesome!


Remember when these headlines were popping up. Sure glad that was some bullshit, not that I thought otherwise.


So I missed my 1000 post by 6(7). Love you guys and gals. But not enough to stop me from pestering you 1000 times. Here's to 1006(7) more!


Has the joke been made about Neir:Automata and the protagonist making you want to mas2Bate? Yeah, probably, huh. Ok, that's all I got. Back to masterb... I mean playing Neir


Kronk thoughts, squeak squeaka squeaka


4 day weekend. Thank you bomb cyclone. 4 days trapped at home with crazy children. Curse you bomb cyclone.


My god, playing Final Fantasy XII with no autosave or save anywhere is really making my life difficult


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