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Music post, part-deux. I like than band. Wish I knew about them sooner. Yadda yadda. *Bump cause y'all kids need to learn the best music came and went before you were born.


Was the Dungeon Master for my brother, nephews and daughters today. Story got heavy at the end with someone having to sacrifice and some tears were shed. It was a pretty great little one-shot. Highlight was the village drunk, a half-orc with a stroke


I miss college, I miss the pursuit of knowledge. I miss midterms, finals, lectures and my fellow bibliophiles. And so, brazenly, I renroll. Back to classroom bravado and begging bursar to let me borrow.


Happy Birthday, Ackbong. Miss those early days. Hope the rise to happiness continues to hasten and steepen. Thanks for being my friend when I needed it and when I didn't


Also, in relation to musicals, this Hamilton animatic is pretty stellar.


Any musical fans out there should check out the Jesus Christ Superstar Live performance NBC put out. While massively inferior to the 1973 movie, it is still a rock opera marvel. This coming from a hardcore atheist. Also, Alice Cooper plays King Herod.


Another day of willfully lieing to my children to nurture and encourage an expectation of wonder and mystery in a world often devoid of both.


David Cage has revealed his alter ego, Chris Darril.


Drinking and listening to musicals while doing dishes and D&D prep. It's been a bad week. And I also feel like my already insignificant place in this community is growing ever smaller,despite being a dtoider user since the Wii days. Lamentations and such


Had amazing Ramen then went to this astounding brewery over the weekend. The brewery had 450 whiskeys in stock. Brewmaster knew every one. The beer was astounding. I gert drankt


Got battleborn for a fiver. Guess I'll check this out tonight


Oh snap, Happy birthday Dangus. Your wrap ups and impressions are a joy to read!


Pc savey folk, question. I have a secondary HDD on my computer. It only sporadically reads the drive. Sometimes restarting the PC helps, but usually not. What's the deal?


Last night in D&D I did a simple effect of placing the unknown miniature behind a felt cloth in front of a light. I narrated the image as seen against the moon, hence the silhouette. I didn't anticipate how impactful such a low tech effect could be


Finally finished all 115 episodes of Critical Role! What a journey! Almost 500 hours of content and it was exciting and memorable from beginning to end. Now on to the second season!


Stephen Hawking has passed at 76. I'm totally speechless. I've read all his works. And now I know I've read his last. A poet, visionary, thinker and dreamer. And whatever this hurricane called humanity is, it is better for his being part.


Admittedly not a music guy. In total,probably listened to 3 songs this year,so I can't say much for your tunes, AlphaDeus. What I can vouch for is caliber of your character. Love your qposts because you're such a genuine and giving guy. HAPPY birthday!


I've got about 5 sessions left of my year long goblin campaign. It has been epic as he'll and I've doubled th3 amount of people from when we started. Feeling equal parts gleeful and guilty as I plan the last brutal, betraying segments of their journey.


Ya boi, pushing the mods to the limit.


If beauty is subjective, and beholders can turn thought into reality, then does that beauty become objective?


Things are better. Miss you all. Still rolling bones. Ya boi DMing, dressed as Gandalf but the beard got itchy. Another pic inside.


Does For Honor have an active community on ps4 or pc?


Thanks for the laptop advice. I've decided to pass on it. Looking for one that can readily handle VR, that's my main interest in buying one.


God damn do I love Dungeons and Dragons


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