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Tonight im celebrating the end of my vacations, and had the best White Russian i've ever had. What a smooth, sexy and sweet cock...tail. Sadly i didn't get the jokes about some "dude" my friends told me, cuz i dont watch too many movies. Cheers!


What,is this fanfiction?! Ray and Mighty playable? i love it... and it will be available as DLC for us owners of the base version. Nice!


PC is fixed, if temporarily. And now that it has a fresh Windows installation, everything seems to run better (my new Graphic Card helps too) and i got to say: NIOH is Awesome with high settings. Why didn't i played this sooner?


in a very typical fashion, when im finally out of free time and i JUST downloaded FFXV, the HDD in which Windows is installed went kaput. And this time it wasn't a electrical issue like last time, nope, it was just... old i guess. So, back to reinstall!


75Gb for FFXV! and that without the super duper HD textures!! *look at the remaining download time* 22 hours! but i want it now!


you know? i wasn't really sold on FFXV, but after playing the demo and camping with the dudes, i'm so ON!Prompto sharing pictures of Noctis getting thrashed by monsters, Gladio looking too proud of his tent skills and Igniz *snap* cooking... i want more.


Like always, i tried a game that has been on my backlog for a long time, and immediately got that old "WHY DIDN'T I PLAYED THIS BEFORE?" feeling. Exist Archive is pretty damn good, and scratch that Valkyrie Profile 2 itch that i had for years.


Pit People is finally out of Early Access Hell, i started a new game, and oh boy this game is fun! (for a tactical turn based RPG). Also it looks very clean and polished, and the narrator is as good as ever. And, best tutorials in a while!


Happy Birthday Limo! you only deserve the finest Frieza cosplay.


"what are they teaching at schools nowadays? kids are bunch of weebs...." "Oh"


First impressions of the FFXV demo: it makes me think of a K-Pop band dumped on Australia, Gladiolus has a voice like a stonegrinder doing a Darth Vader impression, Cindy is Hot, and it seems like it either runs like crap or it's badly optimized.


WTF... i was about to play a "short" game of Civ VI, and just noticed that the game has the very first Chilean leader, my country. And they choose the right one! What a weird feeling. Pride? i dont really know.


To make sure i wont ever play Metal Gear Survive, i watched the ending on Youtube. What a pile of garbage... and the last battle looks suspiciously similar to the one in Kemono Friends of all things.


Finally hooked my Raspberry Pi3 to the old crappy CRT, and by god it looks just like it should. Im having a nostalgia meltdown right now, and i dont think i could go to sleep until i beat Sonic 3 again. Picture quality sucks, sorry.


I finished Iconoclasts. Great game, but it tried too hard to guilt trip me about killing one of the bad guys... Look, if the guy has been an asshole the whole game, and you slap some revelation about him at the end, it's already to late. 8/10


Now that the robots can open doors and going upstairs, it's time for us to know whats going on on their... head? circuits? whatever.


Really, Iced Tea is the drink of the gods when you have a hangover... is 4pm and i just waked up, my head still hurts, i think im still a bit tipsy and i was thirsty as hell. Oh Iced tea! how i needed you!


Tomorrow is the birthday of my best friend, and we're going to celebrate the only way we know: by sending his wife to her parent's house, getting some bottles of scotch, cigars and chinese food and just play fighting games all night. And FIFA. Fun!


"look uncle, it's just like you" said my niece about an article on local news about the Hikikomori. "Darling, it's because i dont have a job" "But you were like that before too!" "Darling, it's because im single". "You should get a girlfriend".


i dont participate on those #ArbitraryMetal-whatever days, but after catching a glimpse of Slayer performing on Jimmy Fallon, can't help but remember this masterpiece from the year 1991, Raining Blood and Black Magic. RIP Jeff and Kerry's hair.


when you think "Steamed Hams" is done and dead...


I was cleaning the garage today, and tucked away in a corner i found a box with my father tools for pottery, books, pictures and unfinished works. It's been 10 years since he died, and i still can't fully accept he's gone. I didn't finish cleaning.


A Certain Magical.... Virtual ON. I've seen everything at this point, yet im still amazed. The trailer need more gameplay though.


Playing FF XII, and i had forgotten that Fran voice and accent is just hnnng.... good stuff. Im having a blast, honestly.


About Heatone of us since 8:46 PM on 12.03.2013

Hello! Im an ex-accountant, right now back to studying to hopefully finish my career... to start studying what i REALLY want.

I am a big fan of arcade games, fighting games, SEGA consoles and some other random stuff, like chess, books, neckties and religion. Also, have patience with me if sometimes my english is off, im still learning it and i hope to keep improving.

List of games finished in 2015:

Freedom Planet
Metal Gear Solid 5
Bloodborne (in a friend's house)
Legacy of the Void
Disgaea 4 Vita
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
Maldita Castilla
Rogue Legacy
Ori and the Blind Forest
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend (story mode)
Castlevania IV
Persona Q
Shin Megami Tensei IV (Neutral Route)
Rockman & Forte
Final Fantasy Type 0
Valkyria Chronicles 3
The Neverhood
Ace Attorney Investigations 2
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Majuu Ou (King of Demons, an SNES game)
The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky

PS: Credits to my friend Gnomodelbosque at deviantart for the header pic! <3