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Most of my wishlist is on sale, except Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (why Sega? almost every other Sonic game is on sale!) i guess it's a good time to spend my money. And i just noticed Halo Wars is on Steam. Madness!


I made an Epic Account like 3 years ago, when they were giving Shadow Complex Remastered for free. But it wasn't worth the barrage of mails about "unsuccessful login attempts" by freaking Fortnite guys. I got 10 just today!


God dangit Colombia, you can't start a match dishing kicks to the opponent! You lost a player at the first 5 minutes, and blew up a match that you shouldn't. But nonetheless, Japan played to win, and they deserved it. Man, i love the World Cup ♥


Gundy, is this your work?


Argentina was sure that they win their first game in the World Cup, they had everything to celebrate before the game even begin, but guess what? Iceland didn't let them. Im so sorry guys... pffff...


E3, FIFA World Cup, SGDQ 2018 and EVO. What a great Winter to be without a job! (at least until i run out of money). Portugal vs Spain will be my first World Cup BBQ, and i hope they give us a good game :)


The last masterpiece from Kojima:


Same as yesterday, im not too excited about most of the games showed today, but oh man YAKUZA on PC! I can't wait to smash some faces with Goro Majima.


Im not really interested in some of the games showed today, but OMFG DOOOOOM!


In honor of Spiderman birthday, lets remember his finest moments from the 60's cartoon.


This is my reaction as i watched the trailer for the new Pokemon game for Switch.


wow... Puyo Puyo Tetris is freaking brutal. I can manage myself in Tetris games, but the CPU is merciless with the Puyos! I haven't played one of those since Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine, and im rusty as hell. Gotta keep practicing!


Potato chips, beer, rum and FIFA. That's what i call a good sunday night.




I know that some people never get to experience this for some reason or another, but today i quit my horrible job. It felt great! I couldn't stand another day doing nothing, other than looking at my coworkers play Clash Royale between them.


Im finally free of the terror of spoilers! Finally watched Infinity War and it was awesome. Now i get why its getting all that praise.


Man, the commands for the characters in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle are Dragon Ball FighterZ style... that means simple half circle inputs for everything. Even supers! it's going to be tough to forget the old combos and inputs in favor of the news.


AAAhhh... Nothing like a nap before lunch! too bad that this is while im on my job :/ Im so freaking bored of this situation... at least i only need to wait 2 more weeks until im free again. Now i get why government employees are a bunch of lazy fucks.


I can't believe how much my health has improved since i stopped smoking. And even if i wasn't addicted to it, a considerable amount of money was spent on that. Now, i wonder if i could stop drinking... (probably not yet)


Is arbitrary enough?


My superior approached me today, to check how my first month was. "Boring", i told him. I can't bear another week with nothing to do, so i told him that if nothing changes in these days, i'll be taking my leave. He assured me it will, so yay?


It's been like a week since Tricerarok recommended me to watch some Red Letter Media stuff, and i can't freaking stop. I knew Mr.Plinkett, but not much more. Now im chugging everything i can, and i can't stop laughing with every jab at G. Lucas. THANKS!


It's been like a week since Tricerarok recommended me to watch some Red Letter Media stuff, and i can't freaking stop. I knew Mr.Plinkett, but not much more. Now im chugging everything i can, and i can't stop laughing with every jab at G. Lucas. THANKS!


As usual, there is nothing to do here at the office. I can't believe what im saying, but oh boy do i miss being under pressure, with clear goals and deadlines. The most exciting thing we did this morning was play Quake 3 Arena...


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The Neverhood
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The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky

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