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I Don't Gush, I Did This Instead [pictures!]

I don't gush, it's unbecoming of me. But just because I don't EVER say it, it doesn't mean that I don't love the Destructoid community. My life has improved a thousandfold since joining up to this poorly-coded, robot-centric, wank-fest. Ser...


So This Arrived Today [NVGR]

Not bad. Can't go wrong for $15 really. Thing is: I have absolutely no recollection of ordering one. After seeing it I sent through the regular motions of assuming one of you creepy people had sent it to me, but seen decided that was si...


Hey look what I made.

Why yes, that is EVERY SINGLE PHOTO FROM PAX* Full 1.6MB 2400x2400px available here. *All 1547 From the Flickr photostream. Images torn from Flickr with Saleen Software's Flickr Downloader and Mosaic made with PictureMedley


Why I Love Destructoid

I don't. It's a website full of broken links and dodgy style sheets. It can die in a fire for all I care. Front page stories? These can be fun and entertaining. I don't really care for news. Podcasts? Podcastle I enjoyed, but I won't sh...


My Collection

I woke up today sick as a chip. Perhaps because of my complete lack of sleep and bad diet but more likely because of something else or whatever. Anyway. As someone who can't stand to be in front of a screen when one is ill I decided to do ...


Destructoid EUFNF Recap - 05/05/09: Best One Ever

The 360 EUFNF was popular this week. Doubtless due to Gandysampras' unparalleled organisational skills. Unfortunately my shit capture device can't capture 60Hz output so I've put together this visual guide. I understand that due to the act...



For years when people have talked about the best point-and-click adventure games people have talked about various monkey island iterations. Unfortunately they were more or less before my time. Grim Fandango I remember fondly. But it was not...


Of Free Stuff, Region Locking, And Cancer.

Because I am awesome, I won some more swag. Before I start what has become a habitual �unboxening�, It's important that you see the confirmation email. I've highlighted the important part. Ok then, diving right in. The box, pretty r...


I Caved, Sorry [NVGR]

It took a while. And, I�m very proud of how long I lasted. But the time had to some when i would eventually conform to the social norms and make a Twitter account. End of civilisation. As a pessimist and a cynic these trends are normall...


Red Faction Guerilla. Best. Game. Ever.

Shit goes from awesome to epic at around the 4:15 mark. I'll wait for you to finish before moving on. Ready? Alright. The game is Red Faction Guerilla. And it is 'fun'. It's been a long time since I had some straightforward silly fun in...


How I Capture Gameplay: A Shit Guide.

"Why shit?" I hear you ask. Shut up, idiot. Because I can't be arsed with looking into it properly and seeing how I should be doing it, alright? I've only just figured out why the video files were fucking massive and how to crush them. Rig...


Fan/Developer EVE Online Movie Blows My Socks Off

Seriously. My socks are, like, way over there. I have always admired CCP and it�s most popular creation: EVE Online. Not least of which for it�s back story and almost entirely player-run economy. But no matter how many times I try I can ...


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