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I don't blame Sig.


I'm reaching the end of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalyse today, and just thinking of the final dungeon's gimmick has me quivering with a japanese map of it on a browser somewhere. It is that infamous.


Dudes, we're supposed to tell each other when a game comes out of nowhere with Megaman Legend's artstyle. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1191900/Say%20/ Looks fun, has a demo, and yes I may be a graphics whore when it comes to this.




Can Saturday get here already? Need to see what Atlus is willing to throw on PC. Can we get a Nocturne or are we just stuck with half not yet digital devils here?


Minus 1 Minute 40 Lines Sprint : Achieved.


What do you folks think of Ash of Gods: Redemption? It's on sale at Steam right now, seems to be a mix of Banner Saga + XCOM + Cards, has very positive reviews too.


Time is relative to the writer's needs.


Xenoblade's lying, they can't possibly be adorable.


This is probably one of their best songs.


Xenoblade Acquired, proceeding to forget about the world as soon as it finishes downloading.


Humble pie is failing an Ironman FE7 Run because you didn't remember to drop Merlinus out of Enemy range after carrying him throught half the map. RIP Eliwood's wonderful stats I was getting.


Don't do this to me, Steam!


Destroy All Human's Demo is literally the first mission from the game, it's nice, but 8gbs, don't recommend. Desperados 3 on the other hand? 3 Missions, great tutorials, lots of ways to go about. Highly recommended. Mimimi Games is proving their salt.


https://twitter.com/AnimeExpo/status/1265690020926685186 SQUUUUAAAAAAAARE!!!!


How does one go even further beyond in Jstris? Feels like I hit a plateau and going even faster is beyond my mortal fingers.


Finished Steamworld Dig 1, the 2nd game pretty much iterates on most ideas of the first while scrapping a couple, both are worth a look and maybe a playthrough, the first one only wins overall on the music department, the 2nd one is a complete upgrade.


Slowly going through Xbox Game Pass games, and this time I finished two Metroidvanias! Timespinner and Steamworld Dig 2. Thoughts on comments.


I just wanted to check out how type I can fast, dude.


World of Horror and ScourgeBringer, both of them KICK ASS. Early Access on Steam or on preview (pretty much the same thing) at PC's Xbox Game Pass, try them both out, please.


I finally made it to the end of Master Mode on Tetris GM 3 Terror Instinct.


Tetris the Grandmaster 3 puts me right back into my place, that being the trash.


Contains Megaman Legends 1 story spoilers, but goes to show just how much this game got right the first time around!


I cannot for the life of me wonder how busted my hand will be when I wake up. Full disclosure, I used Save Swapping. And guess what? JUST BEATING THE LAST BOSS TOOK ME LONGER THAN REACHING IT. MY HANDS HURT. BUT I CAN FLY AS NERO NOW.


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