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I put blue cheese salad dressing instead of sour cream in my baked potatoes #PersonalFactoid


Damn, the madmen at Capcom really did it. They made the Rajang fight fun as hell. AND DAT ARMOR THO!


MFW I saw the winner of the Iceborne weapon design contest.


Friendship ended with Daredevil, now Unexpected Visitor II is my best friend.


Iceborne is a 10/10 expansion.


Iceborne is so fucking good, you guys. It's taking all my strength not to call in sick today.


Now that view mode is in Monster Hunter I can take SO many pictures of my palico.


The absolute madmen. They really did it.


Look at this good boy. It would be a shame if he wasn't in Iceborne.


Still hoping that my favorite phallic wyvern will make it into Iceborne.




Still not Khezu. But I'll take it.


So Yian Garuga is gonna be in Iceborne I guess. It's not Khezu but I'll take it.


Very important:


So the VR in No Man's Sky is really cool. Although having to teleport to move on foot is the absolute worst.


Oh cool... Two people in my department decided to turn in their two weeks notice a week apart. Now it's looking like I won't be use my last week of vacation to play Iceborne. MFW


You better believe I'm building my new house overlooking the cemetery! Still can't decide between tile or wood for the floors.


This cemetery can hold so many dead Neps.


Sometimes you just gotta spend a couple hours demolishing some mountains to make room for a project.


DQ Builders 2 is fantastic so far. Also, this is the limit of my creativity.


I want a new Sky Odyssey game goddammit


Resonance of Fate is the only game that actively encourages you to be Tacticoolâ„¢


Need more catgirls


So the Switch version of Super Neptunia RPG runs like dogshit compared to the PS4 version. Yes I double dipped to compare them. The switch version is straight up embarrassing.


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