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Did the Handler just do a Monster Hunter Direct? Also, Iceborne beta coming this weekend for PS Plus users.


Me when my vacation starts tomorrow:


Purple lightsaber is best lightsaber


Yeah Nintendo was alright I guess... OH SHIT SNOWBOARD PALICO ARMOR! CAPGOD! CAPGOD!


Man, that PSO2 announcement would have been great 5 years ago.


Man, it would be rad if Capcom brought more Sengoku Basara to the west... I'd even take a crossover with Monster Hunter at this point! JUST GIVE ME MORE BEST BOY MASAMUNE DATE!


Y'all people need Jesus. Posting minions like that, honestly...


On episode 25 of the Yu-Gi-Oh GX 4Kids dub and the term "Chazz it up" has just been introduced. This cheese is delicious!


4Kids was good actually.


Was finally able to actually play Dauntless for a bit. It's pretty good for the most part!




Presented without comment


Mfw I saw the MHW stream. The slinger changes alone got me hyped.


The A-10 Thunderbolt II is hot. Change my mind.




And that's the campaign beaten without taking any damage! Now I just have to beat the campaign in under 4 hours then I can grind out any S ranks I missed. Ace Combat 7 is really good, y'all.


Posted without context because the context makes it so much worse.


I might have just dropped 200 bucks on a Nadeshiko figure... April 2020 can't get here fast enough.


I still can't believe Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is so fucking bad Jesus Christ... HOW DID YUKES GET WORSE AFTER INSECT ARMAGEDDON?! At least IA felt like an EDF game. Iron Rain feels like a bad indie game.


Here's a summary of this seasons' anime lineup:


Time for some quality Ace Combat content. Also, Nagase was robbed!


Man, the new EDF is so disappointing. I wasn't expecting much since its made by Yukes but damn... There are just so many weird decisions. More in comments.




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