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People complaining about the HZD remaster rumors saying they should remaster Bloodborne instead are forgetting the Playstation IP that ACTUALLY deserves a remake.


Had a random thought in the shower. If these type of animated training films were still being made today there is a non-zero chance of a Vtuber learning how to operate various weapon systems.


I decided to try Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Now I'm over a billion dollars in debt and loving it. 9/10.


Ate some Carolina reaper beef jerky and my lips are partially numb. Feels good man.


I tried the Wo Long demo and can confirm it is 180 AD Chinese Nioh.


Holy FUCK this game is satisfying.


Current Status:


Watched RRR. Holy fuck I was not prepared!


Welp, just hit the credits for Sunbreak and all I can say is "Yep, that's certainly more Rise alright". At least they finished the story before releasing it this time. 8/10


They just don't make them like they used to.


My copy of FE: Three Hopes is on the way. I can't wait to do nothing wrong as Edelgard.


Open World E-mail


Remember when Advance Wars 1+2 had a release date? Those were good times.


Welp, I finally got COVID after picking up my Mom from the airport. Shit sucks. Thankfully it seems to be mild, just a sore throat and congestion so far.


Man, authentic difficulty in Sniper Elite 5 is no joke.


Normally I would be upset with a death like this but Sniper Elite 5 has probably the best autosaves I've personally seen. With very frequent saves and multiple autosaves slots I've never lost more than a few minutes of progress from dying.


Smolive oil. Send post.


Sony should totally announce a Sky Odyssey VR during the state of play. Just sayin'...


Ahhh... It's good to be back, Sniper Elite...


When I started watching Birdie Wing I was just expecting a chill anime about golf. I was NOT expecting it to include the Mafia, assassinations, and a rival character that is basically Akuma. 9/10 would recommend to everyone.


So my jury duty is already over. Turned out that in the hour before the trial was set to begin the attorneys worked out a deal with the state. I was basically paid 40 bucks to drive to the courthouse and wait in the jurors room for an hour.


Current status... Edit: FUCK!


Konami should make Colonel Campbell a vtuber. Send post.


Okay so after making it to the Haligtree I can safely say that this image perfectly sums up my Elden Ring experience.


Hot take: The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe had me more emotionally invested in a fucking bucket than anything in Nier Automata.


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