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The Return of the New Gamer Dictionary!!!

Yes, that's right, the New Gamer Dictionary returns! For those of you who don't remember, NGD was a feature, hosted by Anthony Burch, that was presented in between segments of RetroforceGO!. In it, he would ask the listeners for a word or...


Doctor Who games coming to Wii and DS!

A few months ago, BBC announced that it had partnered with Nintendo to release games based on Doctor Who for the Wii and DS. Today, those games were announced: Evacuation Earth for the DS, and Return to Earth for the Wii. Release dates ar...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT: ...Where Everything Ends EDITION!

It's my final Saturday hosting ShiMuNi for the summer, so I'm going out by showing a movie that's not the most famous or respected, but holds a special place in my heart, that movie is... THE BLACK HOLE!!! This 1979 sci-fi film was Disn...


Video Game Mind Teasers Vol. 19: It's So Bad...

Every Friday, I present some video game-related puzzles that involve music, images, or wordplay. Sorry for missing last week (for the handful of you who care). The ever-popular (at least with Knutaf) Gamebusters is back, along with some g...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT: Podtoid Anniversary EDITION!!!

With my summer stint hosting ShiMuNi coming to an end soon, I figured I'd do something fancy. It's been about a year since Podtoid did their amazing series of video game movie commentaries, so in honor of that, I'm doing a double feature ...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT: Tim Curry On a Boat EDITION!!!

TIM CURRY MONTH continues on ShiMuNi! Last week's movie (Clue) went down quite well, so I figured it would be alright to look at one of the Currymeister's lesser known films... McHale's Navy!!! If, someday, one were to pick one movie ...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT: Tim Curry Gets a Clue EDITION!!!

Yes folks, it's TIM CURRY MONTH on ShiMuNi! All July long, I'll be showing a handful of classic and not-so-classic movies from this handsome British actor's repertoire. Since it's one of my favourite movies ever, it's only natural I'll st...



Based on a recommendation from Beverlynoelle, I'm going to be showing this movie: TURKISH STAR WARS!!! It's really hard to describe this movie. On one hand, it steals footage direct from Star Wars (as well as the music from Indiana Jone...


Music Mind Teasers Vol. 15: [MISSING] Edition!

In this Friday feature, I take several pieces of music from different video games and mess them up somehow (like playing in reverse). Your job is to figure out what songs they are and what games they're from. 1st: Batthink: 9 2nd: Bl...


Bit Transmission: The Video!!!

For the Bit Transmission Sprite Pack contest on the forums, I decided to flex my creative muscles and make a video instead of just an image. The "level" should be recognizable to anyone who's played Megaman 7: A few notes: - This is t...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT: Choose Your Destiny EDITION!

Alright, a bit of a change of pace this week. I'm going to let you (i.e., whoever actually shows up) pick the movie! Well, in as much as you have three films to choose from. First, there's Wild Wild West, which is definitely the best Ke...


Music Mind Teasers Vol. 14: Touch Fuzzy Edition!

In this Friday feature, I take several pieces of music from different video games and mess them up somehow (like playing in reverse). Your job is to figure out what songs they are and what games they're from. Thanks to a good showing ...


One Simple Reason Why Kinect will Fail: The Name

Kinect, although definitely a more creative title for a product than Sony's Move, seems to a bit too clever for its own good. It also has to compete in my mind with these other products: K'Nex Connect Four Kinder Surprise The Kine...


Music Mind Teasers Vol. 13: SONIC EDITION!!!

In this Friday feature, I take several pieces of music from different video games and mess them up somehow (like playing in reverse). Your job is to figure out what songs they are and what games they're from. 1st: Blorp: 5 2nd: Batthi...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT: Small Soldiering EDITION!!!

Looks like I'll be hosting ShiMuNi this summer; at least, until Genki gets back from the camp where he's working (I'm assuming it's the Robert Summa Camp for Wayward Young Ladies) Anyway, tonight's main feature is... SMALL SOLDIERS!!! ...


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