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So, my grandfather died. He’s been ill for a long time now, but that doesn’t soften the impact of his sudden departure. Hug your loves ones and tell them how much they mean to you when you still have the chance.


🍜 R A M E N Q U E E N 👑


2 truths, 1 lie. 1) I tell people that Majora’s Mask is the best Zelda but I’ve never played it. 2) I won a competition to be an extra in Hot Fuzz and i’m visible in two scenes. 3) I’m now a three time Rocket League grand champion. (ANSWERED)


This Shadow of the Colossus game is pretty incredible, huh? If you’ll indulge me, I used the photo mode to create a little picture story of my journey to beat the fifth colossi. [Spoiler warning for the fifth boss in the comments]


Are all the images on older qposts just gone forever now? If so, that’s a real bummer...


RIP John Mahoney. Frasier is legitimately one of my favourite shows - and that man is a major reason why.


I am the Fluffy Queen. Witness me!


“Hey, Guerrilla, what’s the deal with the ducks?”


I like Wes. I just wish he’d call when he says he will. The kids miss their daddy.


I see we have finally witnessed Wes’ heel turn. I never thought I’d live to see the day...


The inflatable raft that the palicos use on the water is the greatest thing in the world.


The last time I was in there I had to fight off a hundred propositions for more money. “Join our ELITE program for just £37 a month? Insure the disc for £1? Get the collectors edition for an extra £10? You get a free poster with it!”


To paraphrase Kojima: “Internet, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds...”


My Monster Hunter character is a serious hottie!


You ever wonder how much revenue companies get annually from Torchmen who just buy dlc because they are whores for Gundam? Like Gundam Versus. #MechaWhale


420! So dank! Thanks for welcoming me back. I love you guys.


I was going to write a blog about my GOTY stuff, but I’m having a shitty week, so I’m going to just throw them in the comments here. Enjoy. [And now a happy new year to you all. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.]


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