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You know its time for a new job when you get tears of joy putting your two weeks in. :)


Whats your opinion on the water levels from the 2d Mario games?


Do people like Morrowind still? Because I may stream some Morrowind In the coming days.


What are ya plans for this evening!? I plan on scaring my gf and myself into the New Year with some RES7!


My back catalog is daunting that I just... I just want to.. Buy another game to forget about my back catalog!


Where is my PhantasyStar 1-4 collection on Switch?! I NEEED IT!


Story Time Pt. 2: Revenge of the Jedy

Home is where the heart is. My heart is somewhere in between my small intestine and my left eye. I guess I live there now. I learned this in anatomy class on the 47th day of school. Mom woke me up by cracking my neck with stale toast. ...


Pixle Art or Hand Drawn?


What do you love and hate about 2d platform/metroidvania games?


Are there any good racing games for the switch other than Mario Kart??


Anybody else notice that the ps4 pro has been out of stock for almost a month now? Not a word from Sony either.


I sometimes dream of playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the Switch. Its a wonderful dream.


Story Time: What The Hell am I Reading?

Disclaimer: The names in this story have been changed to protect people who probably dont exist. Viewer Discression Is advised. Chapter 1: Home The weather here in Sunberry New Mexico sure is weird! Thats mainly because Sunberry New M...


I like to write creepy stories that dont make the most sense. Would the Blog be an appropriate place for that???


Does anybody else have a problem with finishing games. I have a huge back catalog and I keep acquiring games. Not sure why I do it, maybe I just don't like endings. On a side note, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is fantastic hahaha.


There are too many good games to play! ARGH!


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