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Unboxing and re-sorting all my old games today lead to some flat-out forgotten discoveries. I own Dante's Inferno on PSP? A dutch version of MediEvil? My copy of Yoshi's Island 2 on DS has shitty makeshift boxart? I'm scared I might find Superman 64.


Today I decided to check out the Royal Rumble after not watching a PPV since Wrestlemania last year. I cannot believe how utterly atrocious the product has gotten. Guess I'll try again next year.


Well, how 'bout that: Titans turned out great. Amazing last episode, too.


Only 3 days into 2019 and already we've lost a great: RIP "Mean" Gene Okerlund.


Rather than spending an extravagant amount on ourselves this Christmas, the family and I decided to spend it all on gifts for the local RSPCA. I hope the kitties and doggies have a happy Xmas :)


Been revisiting some of my old Xbox One games, and I'd forgotten how surprised I was enjoying Ryse: Son of Rome. It wasn't the best, but now I feel it's quite under-appreciated.


I think I regret getting Diablo III on black Friday. It's just too...addicting...Must focus on Xmas...


*Spends 30 minutes chucking Ultra Balls at Moltres to no avail* *Hurls regular Pokèball in fustration* *Catches Moltres* I really have a love/hate thing going for this game.


Spending the weekend painstakingly packing up a 60 inch 4KTV to send back due to some vertical dead pixels. What fun.


R.I.P Mario. https://gonintendo.com/stories/321766-mario-s-namesake-mario-segale-passes-away-at-the-age-of-84


So it looks like a Legend of Zelda series is closer to reality. www.superherohype.com/tv/425933-castlevania-adi-shankar-may-produce-a-legend-of-zelda-series


God, I specifically chose " leave parcel at front door" on the text for my package and what do they do? Leave a "sorry you weren't here" slip. Along with dropping my PS4 Pro box on my driveway months ago, these mailmen are really starting to piss me of


Yay. I actually finished my first Castlevania today (Super Castlevania IV.) Unless Lords of Shadow counts?


So I've decided to jump into the N-Sanity trilogy. Any tips for amateur bandicoot wranglers?


Finally got around to watching Young Justice after years of hearing it's critically acclaimed reputation. Any show that manages to make Sportsmaster into a badass is okay in my book.


So I only just now found out that transferred gen 6 Pokèmon to gen 7 games cannot be returned to their own games. I have some pillow crying to do tonight.


Another year, another heart check-up gone by...(comments)


Glenn Jacobs, better known as WWE legend Kane, is your new Knox County Mayor! "THAT'S GOTTA BE! THAT'S GOTTA BE MAYOR!"


Heihachi hair: Is it possible? Should I undertake this nigh-impossible task?


Ohdamnohshitohfuck Robocop Returns directed by Neill Blomkamp FUCK YEAH.


Dang, RIP Steve Ditko (best known for co-creating Spider-Man and Doctor Strange).


Mario Tennis Aces. What a colossal fuck-up for the series. The game asks too much from you right at the beginning and the racquet breaking mechanic destroys any enjoyment to be had.


RIP Leon White, AKA: Big Van Vader. One of the greatest big men to ever grace pro-wrestling. Heaven better be prepared, 'cause it's Vader time.


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