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I'm finally starting to understand why On Air Fish lives in Missouri


I just learned that the new Baywatch movie is on Hulu


I'm sad that B99 is getting cancelled. But I'm happy that it's ending while it's still funny. So many sitcoms get dragged into the ground before cancelation.


Go do an image search for "birds with arms." Trust me.


Turns out that the quality of In N Out burger is significantly better in California than in Utah. I've heard this for ages but didn't believe it until now.


Current status. Yes, that's me hugging Chewbacca.

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As long as Nintendo makes a mini N64, I couldn't care less about virtual console. Still not sure if I'll pay for Nintendo's online service, since I almost never play games online. Pic unrelated.


This is an accurate depiction of when your mom brought me to couple's therapy


This is an actual thing said by Mitt Romney. Link in comments.


I can't explain to you how tired I am of being chewed out by morons. Call center jobs suck ass.


Which one of you pervs is the father of this child?


5 bucks says that On Air Fish was the guy to take this photo


This is the best new Arrested Development content since season 3


What is your favorite video game commercial?


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