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The menu from the 'Merican restaurant in last weeks The Good Place. Priceless (not literally priceless, prices are listed). LMAO at bourbon infused cheesy ketchup.


Given the day it is, I thought it appropriate to share this video on the topic of Columbus. Was Columbus a good dude? Not remotely. Does he deserve or need a holiday? Definitely not. Should we blame all atrocities against indigenous people on him? No.


The River Rafting game in Super Mario Party is SO good, y'all!


MRW I check how much (read: little) is in my bank account.


Someone toilet papered your house last night. Tonight you are seeking revenge. You can take 2 dtoiders with you. Who do you take? Also, you can't take someone that another person has named.


Greta Van Fleet has also released a new song today! It's a great day for music! This is a super chill acoustic piece.


The Struts released a new song today. I really like it! Check it out!


Bob-The Necropolis

This month's Band of Bloggers prompt is all about the Undead. Spoooooooky!  There are countless (probably not literally) games that involve undead creatures or persons. Zombies are the most obvious. New zombie games are ...


Jon Favreau revealed the title and premise of his live action Star Wars show. Sounds right up my alley.


Chicken Bacon Lentil Stew. One of the most delicious things I've ever made! Recipe link in comments.


Bob-The Waifus of Hyrule Warriors

I am late to the game. This blog is actually for last month's Band of Bloggers prompt: Leading Ladies. I really struggled with this prompt. I realized that I don't play many games where I play as a woman, except for games whe...


Pretty funny video about the absurdity of the Zelda Timeline. It kind of makes a really good point though. If Hyrule Warriors is canon, then it can make everything else work. Since Cia breaks all of time in order to bang Link and all. Accidental bump


#StripToid Also, the death toll in Indonesia is over 800 from the earthquake but all the news cares about is Kavanaugh. Thanks America. Happy Sunday!


You ever pretended to be so high to impress you friends that....


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