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After the break in, we've done some security improvements. I highly recommend this guy. It's $25, displays in HD. Everyone should have one. More on this and other devices in the comments. Bump


Urine real trouble when you give the wrong answer on Wheel of Fortune


Someone have a baby and then put them in this costume immediately


Am I doing this right? I made this in Microsoft Paint. This was a comment on a review of the season premier of Riverdale. #brazzerstoid


Well, my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder, She's all crazy 'bout that Eddie Vedder, Once she was mine, but now I better just forget her, 'Cause my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder


Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is something I didn't know I needed.


Why I Love Doctor Who (spoiler-free)

This week saw the return of Doctor Who. We were shown a new Doctor, new companion characters, and there's a new showrunner behind the scenes to boot. Yesterday I wrote a review of this week's premier episode (with spoilers, b...


Finally watched Doctor Who. I am totally on board with Jodie Whitaker


The menu from the 'Merican restaurant in last weeks The Good Place. Priceless (not literally priceless, prices are listed). LMAO at bourbon infused cheesy ketchup.


Given the day it is, I thought it appropriate to share this video on the topic of Columbus. Was Columbus a good dude? Not remotely. Does he deserve or need a holiday? Definitely not. Should we blame all atrocities against indigenous people on him? No.


The River Rafting game in Super Mario Party is SO good, y'all!


MRW I check how much (read: little) is in my bank account.


Someone toilet papered your house last night. Tonight you are seeking revenge. You can take 2 dtoiders with you. Who do you take? Also, you can't take someone that another person has named.


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