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I went to therapy today. It felt so good to lay things out in the open. After the session I felt so validated and acknowledged. I wasn't told I was crazy or imagining things. My problems are real. I hope that you have someone to talk to about your stuff.


Do you remember that one time when everyone was shouting my name, and I used my strength to rip my blouse?


Every day that the government is shut down, this should be played. I also find it an appropriate song for civil rights day, personally.


Find that pelvis! I know you've got one and it's okay to move it!


I needed to poop at work. Walked toward the bathroom and saw the cleaning lady walk out of it. I was the first one to use it after the cleaning!


This is the best discussion of the story of Zelda I've ever seen or heard. I you ever played Ocarina of Time, you should check it out. BUMP


Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.


There's a new show premiering on Syfy tonight based on a graphic novel called Deadly Class. It's basically high school for assassins. For awhile they had the first episode up on youtube and I watched it. It was really cool! I'm excited to see more!


Here's an earworm and a meme all at once


I'm still upset that Assassin's Creed 3 (and no entry since) has taken place entirely in the present day in a modern city.


My Top 10 Movies of 2018

Last week I wrote a blog about my top TV of 2018. Before that I wrote a blog about my favorite games and music of 2018. I'm finishing off this trilogy of blogs with a look at my favorite new movies of 2018.  It was a huge yea...


This is random, I know. But does anyone have any recommendations for lunchboxes? Mine got thrown away at work.


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