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So hey, guess what I just pre-ordered on AmiAmi, because I'm an idiot sandwich so makes poor choices with money?


Happy birthday to everyone's favorite resplendent black grandma, Lisa Frank enthusiast, wielder of the BANED hammer, and all around beautiful person Occams! Hope you have a grand old time today buddy!


So the VA for Pyra and Mythra, Skye Bennett, did a pretty nice interview with ArchTalko about how she got her start, the process of recording the dialogue, etc. Slight spoiler warning since there are clips from later parts of the game though.


While playing Yoshi's Island for the first time in years (it's still a good game btw) I beat the stupid hot potato minigame for the first time in well......ever. Current status:


Science went too far when they invented Nutella, which by the way sucks. Yeah, I went there. Come at me bro! Also #CatgirlFriday


So Square finally revealed why Dragon Quest XI isn't on the Switch yet and why the 3DS version is a no show. I'll post a link in the comments, but short version: Unreal Engine 4 compatibility, and the console version is considered the superior version.


Just completed Kirby Star Allies. The villains were bland this time around, it kind of dragged at times, but I still liked it. Not my all time favorite game in the series, but a nice distraction after playing so many intense games lately.


I'm working on my album report for my History of Rock Music class, and I chose Sheer Heart Attack. The problem is that I forgot to take notes while listening to it on YouTube. Guess that means that I have to listen to it again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So it would appear that Shadow of War is losing its microtransactions in the next update. Link in the comments below.


So I got Kirby Star Allies, and while it is a great game (not my all time favorite, but still really worthwhile especially for Kirby fans), I'm disappointed with the special characters that you can be buddies. I'll explain why in the comments.


Hey Dtoid, guess what? Chicken butt. But it's also my birthday today. Current status:


While browsing the Metroid fan wiki (as one is wont to do), I realized that the page talking about the various Metroid cameos in other stuff is almost longer than the pages about the games themselves. Current status:


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