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Hmmmm....wonder what's in this package?


I'm starting #Cursedmas off with something a little darker and more NSFW, so it'll be in the comments.


Smash community: "Nintendo doesn't care about us, we need to be heard, free Melee!" Nintendo:


Happy #Thiccsgiving.....I mean Thanksgiving to my fellow 'Mericans! Just remember: the thigh has the most meat.


I'm tired of everyone being massive cockteases with your mystery boxes not having spaghetti, so I said fuck it. Let's channel our inner Italians because today is officially #SpaghettiSunday.


So apparently a hostage situation is going on at Ubisoft Montreal. Well, technically, it's the building that houses Ubisoft Montreal (there are other businesses in there), but yeah. That's happening.


Just a friendly reminder guys: PS5s and Xbox Series Xs are temporary, but Big Chungus is forever


Well it took awhile, but guess what came in the mail.


Happy birfday Churros! You're my favorite Spanish dessert (screw you, flan!).


Happy Halloween. Here is without a doubt the best Halloween song in the history of ever.


So I just got my hands on the demo for Hyrule Warriors:Age of Calamity. I'll share my thoughts in the comments.


To Dtoiders who have a lot of figures: what kind of shelves do you use to store them? Like are there special ones, or do just regular book shelves work?


Does anyone remember the Nintendo Wii?




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