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Peak 90s. It was all downhill from here.


Now I can finally buy Quest. Heist was my fave game of 2017, played through Dig and Dig 2 that year too. A bit over it by the end, but was a great revisit.


Never got Tarrey Town in Breath of The Wild, but this piece of music is beautiful.


Got the Gunslinger


Utter madness.


It's kinda wild that Enter the Gungeon is 1 of like 3 or 4 games not published by Nintendo that have sold more than 1 million copies on Switch.


2 1/2 hours playing Gungeon and I forgot to grab the Bullet to Kill the Past trying to unlock the Gunslinger. What a waste of time.


CRUMAR has such a benevolent presence. Edit: wrong video


This is for you, dtoid


Not a Microsoft fan, but I am itching to play Halo 2 when it comes out this Nov. Zelda and Donkey Kong looking sick, but what's up with DS? A touch screen? Of course, Sony really took it home. Jax 3, Ratchet 3, PSP, GTA:SA? 2004 is going to be a good year


Anyone got an extra Into The Breach key?


Friend of mine described Frostpunk as "It's sad. Like if Fallout started sucking dick for crack money sad."


I think I'm going to drop out of college. Returning to class online on Tuesday and I still have a ton of unfinished work that was due before spring break. I just can't make myself get the work done.


"Don't tell the other employees, but today might be a good day to stock up on groceries." Thanks for the tip, boss...


Oh hey, Exit The Gungeon launched on Steam today too.


"I may be covered in cat hair, but I still smell good"


I bought Iconoclasts day one on Steam, and put it down at the Tower. Tried to pick it up again after two years and yeah, just fuck the Tower entirely.


Switch 2: The Switch but it smokes weed


Switch 2: Docked mode only, traditional controller, somehow twice as powerful as the Xbox Sex, and a Mario title at launch that has such depth and realism it'll limit your mobility if you let too much Goomba guts dry on the bottom of your boots.


Switch 2: Bring back the multi screen shtick from Wii U (and retroactively add functionality back to Wii U ports), mii verse, stylus, bigger joycon, and IR pointing with the sensor built into the screen receiver thingy.


My younger brother started messing with Game Maker. Went looking for a decent book on game theory with no luck. Any suggestions? Game making resources that I can spin as a gift?


Whoops. Salt claims another electronic. Edit: I'd like to thank everyone for your thoughtful replies on my earlier post. Your input was informative and very appreciated. I'm sorry I didn't reply to each, just not in a great place.


I've always been against the idea of taking anti depressants (for me), but I think it's time to move in that direction. Spent too much time imagining that I would be able to think around feeling like shit somehow. Any experience with meds, dtoid?


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