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Today is @eggzvox 's bday, and I'd just like to take a moment to acknowledge how cool she is for putting up with me! Will post a pic in the comments of her being a champ in relation to this initial photo.


Well I ended up getting Yakuza 6... The essence of art edition is sick! They feature so many different artists rendition of the characters. I'll still probably buy God of War on day 1...


I am very conflicted on which game to buy: God of War or Yakuza 6, both involve being badass while taking care of a child... Pls help me.


For my 300th Qpost I decided to go back to where it all began... I still haven't finished any of the Souls-borne games, but I consider the support you all gave my stranger-self back then very dear. Thanks for being cool Dtoid, glad I'm here.


Today as I was walking by, I overheard a client tell my coworkers that I was "thick as a milkshake"... on #thiccthursday of all days...


Been watching The Disastrous Life of Saiki on Netflix and I love it. If I had to compare it to anything I'd say it's a combination of Mob Psycho's powers and One Punch Man's dilemma of being too strong. The side characters make it even better!


Reposting this because it turns out the photo didn't go through... Photo in the comments! Finally got my Baby Xeno Jiiva hoodie from ZombieCORPS!!! Quality's great and I love this design, check his shop out @ deadpixels.me !!!


Went in for an interview today and got hired on the spot. Victory Tacos were had (Could just as easily have been Tacos of Defeat).


Just a little post-work #selfietoid before the weekend flies by ft. My another one of my Monster Hunter Hoodies.


Today in Discordtoid...


In honor of pi day tomorrow:


Eggz took me knife shopping as an anniversary present and I'm very happy with the results.


Soon this beautiful gem will be added to my growing collection of Monster Hunter hoodies. Thanks @ZombieCORPS !!!


Went on a mountain trip with my family this weekend for my Mom's 60th birthday. I'm seriously considering getting a job here just because of how beautiful it was. I'll post more pics in the comments! Here's some maple candy being made after the gondola!


AR-15 Father, who art in heaven, hollow-point be thy name...


If I could send you my teeth, I would, but then I wouldn't be able to eat food properly... You get first dibs when I go though, I promise. #Occamstoid #darealtoothfairy


I see you have all met my captor... Here is a pic of her taking me to an escape room to poke fun at the futility of me ever escaping her grasp.


Yo why does Kyle Yadlosky remind me so much of Vadicta??? Also where did Vadicta go??? Hope he's ok...


To the great Community Managers taking care of the spam plague, please have some delicious food and give yourself a pat on the back for the hard work you do. For real though, Spam Musubi is delicious. :)


Canadian Lootbox episode 2: Another win... Interesting. 2 for 2. I'm also trying to read up on Kingdom Hearts lore to see what's going on and I'm so confused.


Finally hit the credits in Monster Hunter World. This is my GotY, no matter how early it is in the year. What a great day...now cooking some Beef Bourguignon and baking cookies. Will post pics later. Really happy right now :) edit: food pics in comments


... It begins... I'm 1 for 1 right now. I'll post each time I buy a Canadian Loot box to keep track of how good/bad the odds really are.


Not a good day today. Stress baking ensued. Salted-Butter Chocolate-Chunk Shortbread Cookies were made.


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