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I'm bored as heck, so please do me a favor and tell me about your favorite food and the reason why it's your favorite! Mine's Pork Sinigang, and I love it because it reminds me of sitting around the table with my family. Good times. (Pic not mine)


For today's Canadian tidbit, Canadians are upset with the postal service because they depicted the Nanaimo Bar wrong on their limited edition Dessert stamps. Read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/nanaimo-bar-canada-post-stamp-controversy-1.5116981


Due to Joker finally joining Smash, I realized that I never did finish P5 (stopped at 65 hours). I think I burnt out after playing so much so fast. Anyways... I booted it up again this weekend and I think I'm going finish it this time. Hifumi is best.


If you could know the time and date of your death, would you do it? I think i would, honestly.


Amna showed me his favorite way to eat bagels! Anyone want a piece?


Finally got one of the harder vinyls to get in the game... I think it looks pretty decent! I think I'll stick it through with Anthem for a bit... Although there's a lot wrong with it, I still find myself having lots of fun. I hope it gets better.


This game has been a huge rollercoaster ride ever since it got released. A roller coaster that has no rails, and the seats can eject you randomly, making you fall to your doom and crashing your ps4.On the real though, the customization is keeping me in


Spent last weekend in the mountains with the family. We're smiling in this photo but it's -40 with nothing to block the wind. Our faces are just frozen.


Yesterday's creation in Anthem before the game shut my ps4 off for me. I've never played Hyper Light Drifter, but I really love that character design. Taking a break from Anthem until they fix these crashes, can't risk it anymore.


Well this looks like it'll be good. War looks just like imagined she would.


I was messing around with my javelin yesterday and realized the resemblance. I may as well try and remake the other Toa!


Grookey gang or die. (jk the other two are cute as well)


Scraper broke today/It was good while it lasted /My new one swivels


Played Anthem this weekend, and I really like this game despite its faults.I love the aesthetic and gameplay, but I hate the mandatory online. Especially when you're trying to solo freeplay. Edit: Bored so AMA about the game if you're on the fence!


The Colossus is way too fun to play. I call this one Mr.Krabs.


Won last night's semi-bi-weekly smash night against my 2 buddies. It was a tough road but I made it. #forglory


Me no post in a while, but me letting you all know that me still watch you all from my corner. Have good day. :)


Update: all done for the night but some good matches were had! Fuck King K.Rool. Ackbong and I are playing smash for a bit, feel free to add me and join us!


Heads up to anyone still trying to unlock their smash roster, that 10 minute timer can be bypassed by closing the software. Also there's a little option in games and more that will show up where you can fight anyone you lost to!


Instead of a funeral program we got these. What a guy. Brb, gonna destroy people in Codenames in his honor.


Watching Neil Gaiman do a talk for the Edmonton Public Library tonight. I'll be honest, I have no clue what the heck he's going to talk about but I've spent a good chunk of my life reading his work, and am not gonna pass up a chance to see him in person.


Happy Birthday Chris! Please make sure to eat lots of cake for all of us!


My brother-in-law thought that funerals were dumb, so instead of that they're having a celebration of life at a hall, where everyone can just hang out and play boardgames in his name. Sounds exactly like something he'd do. I miss you, brother.


Watched Castlevania over the weekend, and am very happy that my favorite game (Curse of Darkness) got represented in a bigger way than I ever expected. I love everything about this show and hope for more to come.


A few minutes before 2 am, my brother in law Davis passed away in sleep. He wasn't in any noticeable pain or discomfort. I want to thank you all for all the support you all gave when I asked for help.


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