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Update: all done for the night but some good matches were had! Fuck King K.Rool. Ackbong and I are playing smash for a bit, feel free to add me and join us!


Heads up to anyone still trying to unlock their smash roster, that 10 minute timer can be bypassed by closing the software. Also there's a little option in games and more that will show up where you can fight anyone you lost to!


Instead of a funeral program we got these. What a guy. Brb, gonna destroy people in Codenames in his honor.


Watching Neil Gaiman do a talk for the Edmonton Public Library tonight. I'll be honest, I have no clue what the heck he's going to talk about but I've spent a good chunk of my life reading his work, and am not gonna pass up a chance to see him in person.


Happy Birthday Chris! Please make sure to eat lots of cake for all of us!


My brother-in-law thought that funerals were dumb, so instead of that they're having a celebration of life at a hall, where everyone can just hang out and play boardgames in his name. Sounds exactly like something he'd do. I miss you, brother.


Watched Castlevania over the weekend, and am very happy that my favorite game (Curse of Darkness) got represented in a bigger way than I ever expected. I love everything about this show and hope for more to come.


A few minutes before 2 am, my brother in law Davis passed away in sleep. He wasn't in any noticeable pain or discomfort. I want to thank you all for all the support you all gave when I asked for help.


Please save me from boredom. AMA. Edit: bumping for the night walkers!


Rhyming mermaid make sea water come out of my eyes.


Getting Mario Party was a success. I can no longer leave my home with my switch because my siblings and nephew will get mad at me for taking the game away from them. My house is constantly loud, just as it was when Mario Party 4 came out. Life is good.


Edmonton Expo was today, and eggzvox and I decided to dress up as a couple of Fire Nation fugitives. Special water and airbending photos to be posted in the comments. Hope y'all like it! Edit: Bumping for the day folks! Flamey-o Hotman!


So that supposed new Pokémon that looked like a ditto with a nut for a head turned out to be a placeholder for ditto in Pokémon Go... How'd I find out? In a kinda eerie way.


Question: Which Pokemon would taste the most delicious, and why? Me personally, I'd go with a Bloomin' Bulbasaur Bulb for appetizer, Peking Farfetch'd for Main Course, and an Exeggcute Creme Brulee topped with Combee for dessert.


Negligee: Love Stories won't be the only thing coming on Friday.


Spiderman was great, story was more engaging than I thought it would be, and the movement is amazing. Gonna try and platinum this I think. My first real one besides My Name is Mayo.


This alone makes me want to get this game.


I'm on a bit of a Pokémon Go kick, add me up if you haven't already!


So I was finally able to find a decent deal on a Switch. I bought Super Mario Odyssey which is good, and I ended up buying Hollow Knight as well, but I think I'm getting fatigued from metroidvanias. Any other recommendations? Also gimme your friend codes!


Happy Birthday, Mr.Blues! You seem like a great father. If you ever visit Alberta, please come see me for a beer.


Hey all, quick update on my Brother-in-law's fundraiser. It's going fairly well! We are currently at about 60% of the way to their goal after being featured on the local news & radio shows. Once again, even just spreading the word helps, link in comments!


(bump) Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I'm blessed to be a part of this community. I don't know how to put this,but I would like to ask for a favor... Not many know this but last year my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer (continued)


Happy Birthday Amna! Idk how the world would run without you controlling the weather. Thanks for always sharing your cool cooking and climbing stuff with me!


Well I ended up beating the final boss of Dead Cells earlier than expected... I'm surprised considering I started this run with a "meh" loadout. Also, freezing in this game is OP in my opinion.


I regret to inform all of you that there was no treasure behind the waterfall.


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