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E-Sports and Cultural Norms.

Turning on the Television and seeing a League of Legends tournament is weird. Seeing an ad on Snapchat for Hearthstone. That's weird. Weird is not bad. I get excited to show my friends a video from League's Worlds 2018 Tournament,...


Incredibles 2 was overhyped and remarkably okay. Glad I watched it, had fun, but it wasn't near Incredibles 1 quality.


The Pain of Creating Art

Since I was a kid, I tried to create. Stories of Mega Man X and Zero fighting for humanity. Spies on deadly missions, careening off of cliffs to escape a gang of mercs sent to double cross the agent. None of the stories were excellent....


Sony stole the show for me. I know they weren't all exclusives, but the continuous flow of trailers marked a time of enjoyment for me. Less talky talk, more time to embrace my inner child and be filled with wonderment. Thank you Sony!


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