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SSF4 - Employment MADNESS

I decide to dedicate a whole show (this is pt1 of 15) to the joys of having a job, and choose only SF characters that have a job.


halo reach griefing videos

i dont know why but people seem to really enjoy me snorting cocaine before a match and screaming at people for a quarter of an hour im just upset i cant play street fighter until i get my fucking stick back fuck you


I do Mirror's Edge IRL

It isn't exactly how I planned this video to go, the beginning of the video was according to plan, and then whoops!! But hey take lemons and make lemonade. Hope you guys enjoy!!


Teamkilling in Battlefield Bad Company 2

I was just testing out my new capture card and decided to share some footage with the world. Just in time for Christmas-- just give up on this year and start making resolutions for the next.



hey everyone i'm finally back after my god knows how long break with new friends and fun!! so here's a local PRO-GAMER tournament for modern warfare 2 on the console. if that doesn't sound bad enough then jesus christ anyway, i hope you ...


Review: Tower Bloxx Deluxe (XBLA)

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 800 MSP ($10) Xbox Live Arcade Simplicity is one of the most underestimated tools in video games nowdays. With games such as Mega Man, Ikaruga and Contra, it's impossible to deny this claim. However, with Digital Choco...


Madballs XBLA: Fake + Real Review

Madballs were actually a series of toy rubber balls made back in the 80's. Out of the passing phase, there's a new game out for the Xbox Live Arcade. Madballs takes as a move with left stick while shooting with right stick, much like Ro...


10 minutes of torture for a Nintendo customer rep

(sorry for the reup, the embed was entirely broken for a ton of people and i didn't notice until now) Nintendo fun time everybody now!! I just recently did a charity streaming event which showcased Wii Homebrew, a Mega Man 9 No Death Spe...


Griefing - Geoff The Hero vs. KKK Member

I was working on a collaboration video of myself with my Tim and Eric awesome show glasses fucking around on Texas Hold 'Em XBLA, which holds some of the world's most rambunctious morons on live, and then I ran into this Juggalo/KKK/pile ...


I make beautiful Pinatas

Hippo Mouth Closed: http://i41.tinypic.com/2hwzjok.jpg Hippo Mouth Open: http://i43.tinypic.com/qzn88m.jpg I'd just like to share my beautiful creation from Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise with the public. Better gameplay than Spore, IMO....


R-Type Dimensions XBLA Review

I was really impressed with this game, and I made a review out of it! Tell me what you think, hope you enjoy. Thanks. :) I also give my reasoning on why the price is justified and a couple comments on the nature of today's XBLA games, so~...


Lode Runner XBLA Review - Win a Free Copy!!

Link to Text Review + Contest: http://www.freezecracker.com/forum/index.php?topic=2977 Video: Overall Score: 8.5/10 So, somewhat serious review of this game minus the Andrew Rosenblum reference. I'm kinda rusty with serious but I think ...


After Keep and Doom (Sonic/Doom Crossover Manga)

Really old video from the beginning of our site, I just found it again, so I uploaded it again. Hope you enjoy. The story from this one is that the comic made here is made legit in Spanish. He used like a free online translator or somethi...


Shadowrun Teamkilling - 2006

Made a long time ago, this was originally supposed to be the opening act for "The GameBoys III" with our very first 360 game, but it was replaced with my Super Contra griefing video. Enjoy! The GameBoys 3 Article


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