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So I'm still playing Cold Steel 2, still super early. I'm gonna take notes this time so I can write a proper review, as opposed to the CS1 review I'm doing for writing practice. Also, anyone remember Xenogears' oddly fleshed out action mech combat?


Just finished Cold Steel 1. My heart! I promised I'd take a break before jumping into 2 to avoid burnout. But that ending, I feel like I have to jump in right away! ;-;


This past week has literally been me telling myself to be productive, only for Cold Steel to keep dragging me back. ;-;


Does anyone know what my best alternative for charging my PS vita is? I lost my charger, and Sony isn't selling new ones. But most of the Amazon listings are for 1000 chargers. And I don't know if my version is 1000 or 2000.


Playing Cold Steel, I finish the Chapter 3 practical exam without issue. Then my PS4 crashes and I have to do the fight again. Except this time, the enemies are all just standing far away spamming me with arts. I still won, but it wasn't as fun.


Congrats to Minecraft fans for getting into Smash! I'm still holding out hope for a Falcom rep (likely Estelle, Lloyd's game isn't localized officially and Rean/Adol would reawaken the sword controversy) but for now,once again my congrats!


General Avengers Question: do you all think the PS4 exclusive character controversy wouldn't have been as severe if they'd announced Venom was the exclusive, instead of Spiderman? Or would the level of controversy have been the exact same?


My Rune Factory 4 blog is ready to upload, but I'm on the photo phase now. I know it's a bad thing to use photos from the net, but I also lack a way to transfer photos from my 3Ds or Switch to the PC. Perhaps I should bite the bullet and not use photos?


Does anyone else have a sale impulse buy problem? Whenever I see something on sale, I have this impulse to grab it. Past two months I spent way to much on games on sale. All because I was afraid on missing out on the deal.


Working on a blog post about Rune Factory 4 has been difficult, due to my issues with focus. I don't think it's that great, but I'll edit it and hopefully upload. No way to improve without experience, right? Also, watching Amphibia and I love it.


RUNE FACTORY 5. YES, INJECT THIS INTO MY VEINS. Excitement aside, 4 was my favorite 3DS game, and one of my favorite games ever. 3 is also dear to my heart, so this, combined with Hades and Disgaea make it the best Partner showcase yet.


Welp, my friend bought into Koei Tecmos nonsense and payed for the extra Fairy Tail characters. Honestly, I know KT has always been bad with DLC, but $20 for one character, or 60 for all 4 plus a final dungeon, this is really something else.


Update a few hours into Avengers Postgame. There's a bit of a distinction to be made. Grinding for levels? That's fun, because you start getting upgrades which dramatically changes how your hero plays. Loot on the other hand...needs some tweaks, I think.


The Avengers campaign was fantastic. I'm in the Endgame now, which is where most critics say it starts to fall apart. I hope CD will be able to fix most of the complaints. I like the game, and think it has a lot of potential to keep going.


Downloaded Avengers today to play with my friend. I'm curious to see how I'll enjoy it, since I wasn't a big fan of the Beta, quitting due to Hulk's sluggishness. I'm looking forward to a full playthrough!


I'm enjoying my initial impressions of Trails in the Sky. Still super early, but it's got a lot of what I loved about Cold Steel, looking forward to more!


To follow up on my previous post. My main issue is I've never installed a fan patch, other files, or bought a game from a Japanese store in my life. So I'm terrified I'll screw it up when it does come time for Zero and Ao.


Evidently my plan to finally play the Trails series has hit a snag with Zero and Ao are still being Japan exclusive. My options are either wait for the PS4 remasters to come west, or go through the new to me, complex fan patch song and dance... ;-;


How's everyone doing in these dark times? I've been marathoning a lot of Black Clover and Bleach to weather the storm, along with working on finals. Hope everyone is doing ok.


Me: I wanna get back into the Yu-Gi-Oh card game! I'm gonna buy a starter deck and learn! Game: Great! Here's what you missed, XYZ summons are a thing, and Pendulum summons, also Link summoning, oh and 2020 means a new anime and new mechanics! ;-; h


Taking advice from my last quick blog, I'm hoping to start writing a longer post on why people should check out Rune Factory 4 Special. Any advice from people who have been posting blogs on D-toid for longer, in a more professional capacity?


Honest question, is it really dumb to buy a remaster of a game you already own because you want the franchise to be successful? I own Cyber Sleuth (not Hackers Memory) and Rune Factory 4 already. But I'm buying the remasters to keep both series alive.


I got a question for any Gundam Fans on D-Toid. What did you all think of 00 as a series? I see it passed as "average to bad" in most circles, but Gundam Enthusiast Mike Sounders once told me it's a money printer. So I'm curious, quality wise, thoughts?


Nitro fueled is fun but fuck me is it hard.


So I gotta say, the Switch port of MK 11 isn't perfect...But it's fun, that's for sure. And we'll likely get a few QOL patches for performance down the line. Kudos to Shiver for getting it to run as good as it does at this point. Scorpion Main FL!


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