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Thinking on my last post, my feelings on modern Disney keep changing. Ignoring Pixar, Moana, Tangled, Wreck Ralph, and Zootopia were probably my 4 favorite 'modern' Disney films. Ralph for it's plot, the other three for characters alone. Everyone else?


Zootopia is still as good in 2021 as it was when I first saw it. Definetly my favorite recent Disney film. Though to be fair I haven't seen Raya yet.


I've been watching a couple of Disney cartoons now that I have Disney Plus. So far the ones I've enjoyed most are Tailspin and Big Hero 6, surprisingly. Darkwing Duck has been a little blah, does it get better overtime? Hope everyone's having a good day!


Recently gotten into the world of Kamen Rider. Also found out there is apparently an entire day dedicated to celebrating one of the franchises most hated characters, 9/13. Not sure what that says about Kaixa, or the fandom. But I find it kinda funny. :/


It's depressing to see Pioneers of Olive Town launch with so many issues. I hope it gets patched, cause I feel like it could be something special. Despite what some people think, there is room for SoS and RF, in a post Stardew world.


The thought process of studio executives will always confuse me. "Hm yes. We have a fun cartoon about fairies aimed at young children, but with a few mature plot points here and there. I know-we'll turn it into a gritty teen drama on Netflix, brilliant


So we all have a story of the time our parents never let us play a game cause it was too mature. But anyone else have an example of the opposite? My parents refused to let me play a Harvest Moon game because it was 'too childish' looking. Still sticks


After a conversation with my friends, I've grown curious enough about Space Runaway Ideon that I actually want to check it out. Anyone have some advice on finding a decent, legal way to watch it?


So I downloaded Borderlands the Legendary Collection for Switch. Failing to realize Gearbox had made Borderlands 2 completely unplayable via a recent patch, GG.


To my delight, Funimation has recently added several Gundam shows to it's streaming service. Sure two of them are Seed and Seed Destiny, but I now have a convenient way to watch the original MSG, which is a pretty big deal for me, personally.


Alright, that new Avengers content seems promising. It won't outright fix the game, but it seems like a good start. Knowing the next two villains is promising, let's hope the game can pull a NMS and recover.


Question for today, do you have a fond memory of a series you watched/played out of order? I saw Mazinkaiser before anything else Mazinger related. But thanks to it, I got into the world of super robots. (Still need a way to watch GaoGaiGar though.)


I've been watching the battle between Shin Getter Robo and the Metal Beast Dragon almost non-stop since yesterday. Even if I can't speak Japanese, it's just so good... Now if only I knew where to start with watching Getter Robo ;-;


Playing My Time At Portia now. I will have to take notes, I'm only on day 3 and I already have a LOT to say about it. It's a fun game but, it's kinda giving me a feeling of anxiety due to how quickly your thrown into it.


I rarely binge shows to completion nowadays, but between it's short length and excellent writing, BNA was just a fun time all the way through. Holding out hope Netflix and Trigger do a second season!


Having not watched Gundam Seed, I'm still surprised that in SRW, and the Dynasty Warriors Gundam Games, every other protagonist seems to think Kira is a moron.(Well at least in SRW, in DW, I remember Ramba Ral mocked his idealism.)


Hypothetical Question-watching Re:Zero, how much suffering should I expect?


you ever drop off something you love because of someone else? My friend kept obsessing over Cold Steel, spoiling me, never letting me enjoy other stuff... I don't think I'll be going back to CS2 for a while. Anyone have a similar experience in general?


I'm debating doing Leon's campaign today in 2make. But I think watching the elections in my country is enough fear and panic for one day. So I might just hard focus on season 7 of Apex.


Thanks to a little Halloween gift, I'm debating between grabbing RE1 on Switch, or Rev2. I own 2-4 on PS4, but I hear RE1 has some atrocious load times on Switch. I've seen mixed opinions on Rev2 though.


Been playing Legacy of the Duelist on Switch. It's fun to have 6 generations of Yugioh in one game, but some of the AI matches are really frustrating for me. (Yusei vs Tanner is giving me a LOT of problems) still, nice way to get back into the franchise.


Next year, I'm getting a new Story of Seasons, a new Rune Factory. and Falcom announcing Trails ports for Switch gives me renewed hope for an official Zero/Ao Translation. Just those 3 games alone have made me excited for 2021, even more then next gen.


Alright, I burned myself out on rpgs from playing CS1-2 almost non stop. Got to Legram in CS2, and I need a break. I'll be trying the Fo76 free trial, and playing Apex/OW for a while to let my brain reset.


So I'm still playing Cold Steel 2, still super early. I'm gonna take notes this time so I can write a proper review, as opposed to the CS1 review I'm doing for writing practice. Also, anyone remember Xenogears' oddly fleshed out action mech combat?


Just finished Cold Steel 1. My heart! I promised I'd take a break before jumping into 2 to avoid burnout. But that ending, I feel like I have to jump in right away! ;-;


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