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Beat Disco Elysium. Hell of a game. Hell of a game. Can highly recommend it.


So. Shocking revelation: Disco Elysium is a very good CRPG and its a game seemingly aimed right at what I like out of a setting, writing, and gameplay style as well as a lovely and funny dialogue system. Glad I waited for voice acting too, its great.


Started Disco Elysium, as I assumed it would be a game I liked given what I've seen, heard, and me being me. Its...very bizzare so far, in a good way. And yes I retrieved the tie.


Please let it be noted that the quorum does not approve of the board or the council, and will be seeking to dissolve them using various macromolecules released from our collective biomass in the near future. Thank you for your patience.


Welp. Got my first shot of the Covid Vaccine, so I'm that much closer to being immunized. Feels good.


Beat The Surge 2. Pretty enjoyable game overall! Has its flaws but I had a good time and I'm looking forward to seeing whats next from them.


Started the Surge 2 off of a youtuber I likes recommendation and yeah, so far its relatively enjoyable.


Back on that there Darkest Dungeon and I've made a reasonable amount of progress. Got my first level 6 champion and closer and closer to being able to hit the titular Darkest Dungeon.


#womantoid Scholar, explorer, bounty hunter, archeologist. Samus is indeed an appealing character.


Man if a fan-made remake of A2MR was a thing that theoretically existed and I theoretically had it, I would theoretically say that its darn good and provides more metroid which is always a good thing. Theoretically.


Wasteland 3 is still my GOTY for last year, recent awards stuff has made muse again. Liked Hades a lot, and Ghostrunner a lot too but Wasteland 3 is still sticking in my brain hard which tends to be indicative. Need to get around to a second playthrough.


#indietoid for Shantae Half Genie Hero. For completely innocent reasons unrelated to any of the bosses maybe. (I'll throw a real one in the comments)


Happy birthday Limo. Your opinions are rancid and you seem to enjoy torturing me for some reason, but I always enjoy hanging out and chatting shit about stuffs.vhope its a good day for ya.


New gen has just kinda reinforced my decision to just build a new rig (mostly) and stay away from consoles for the foreseeable future that aren't nintendo related.


I have entered the iron age in Valheim. Gots me a swamp to conquer, a big ass boat to haul iron across the sea. What a lovely game this is.


#waifuwednesday Got a gif o me mermaid Luci, so I'll share that in the comments since its too large for the photo uploader to handle.


With recent news, I assume Pyra fanart will increase in volume by 6900% and I'm here for that. Image semi related and also #waifuwednesday or something


Valheim is enjoyable. Pretty early on, needs a lotta work but its a fun crafting building game. Music is pretty good too.


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