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Finished up Midnight in Chernobyl. Found it to be a pretty good book and after the show piqued my interest it was neat to learn all of what happened in detail without the embellishments or changes the show needed to throw in.


Playing the Messenger and yeah I see what people were talking about regarding the later part of the game. Going to try to beat it still but its kind of dragging.


After bout a month of waiting my laptop finally arrived a day or two ago. Worth the wait at least, haven't put it through its paces yet gamingwise but the screens gorgeous (UHD) and the tablet functions going to be very useful methinks.


#mermay and #monstergirlmonday you say? Don't mind if I do. Sharing this one from Trigger again because it has best girl and its a really good piece of the ol art. Heres hoping for the best in regards to future appearances but I'm not holding my breath.


Man that warframe news is a tasty dish. Lookin forward to seeing how it all shapes out when it arrives. ALSO INFESTED OPERATOR GEAR AND NIGHTWAVE THEME FUCK YES!!!!


Welp my bloodstained post inspired me to try some new customization in Warframe as well. Relatively pleased for a first run at it.


I'm pretty impressed with Bloodstained so far. Just taps into that unraveling and shortcutting dopamine hit that metroidvanias do so well and the customization stuff is pretty fun too. Gotta keep chewing into it but imagine its goin on me year end list.


Watched ep4 of Chernobyl. And gave my dog a big hug afterwards.


Welp, after a little less than a month of waiting it looks like me laptop might be shipping out on the 7th after I ordered it...the 12th of last month. Still I didn't need it immediately so tis fine-just hoping everything works out and I actually get it.


Happy fourth everybody. Hope its safe, make sure your dogs and cats are secure lest they run off, form a revolutionary insurgency, and pose a threat to the stability of the realm.


#watchtoid Started with a pebble, got a pebble steel and a bit after pebble folded I got myself a Samsung Gear S3. Glad I waited, they're a lot better than they used to be. I love watches and smartwatches just have so much utility.


So. Been a bit cagey about this because I didn't want it to come up to my employer before I was ready but I'll be leaving me job at the end of the month and going back to me alma mater to get a masters in microbiology. Get to study mxyos so Im v excited.


Yeah so far Bloostaineds won me over pretty good. Theres a lot of things to do and unlock, just found something that lets you do some extra customization and I've begun to appreciate the gameplay more as things proceed. Don't regret switch version either


Welp, decided to give in and start Bloodstained on switch. Very rough but...I like it so far and its scratching that itch so far. Think Imma like this game a lot. Also, found rex in RoR2. He seems like hes going to be an interesting time.


Just watched episode 1 of Chernobyl and fuck me is that some good shit. Hard to watch but real good.


Welp looks like GOG 2.0 beta invites are rolling out. Hopeful I get one sooner than later, eager to put it through its paces as GOGs my favorite distributor on PC and the changes it has in store seem real neat.


Welp, looks like its time for my flagellation and the punishment I apparently deserve-yes its time for Dandelion with Limo, Frosty and Prins.


Welp. That sure was Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein girl. Again via nekro. So....thats probably one of the worst things I've ever seen in my entire life and I think it broke me ever so slightly.


My latest musical venture, brought to you by Nekro.


Played some more Risk of Rain 2 and it looks like they've made some tweaks as well as adding some more detail to the world design from a visual perspective. Lookin foward to where the game goes in the next few months, its still just a swell time.


My top 5 most anticipated games in picture form.


Decided to spend an hour or two monday night just readin microbiology news, a new micro book I started after finishing me phage book and listened to Deus Ex MDs soundtrack. Lovely, and its making me look forward to fall all the more.


Musing on Cyberpunk 2077, I'm relatively excited for it. I've always enjoyed the cyberpunk aesthetic and the Witcher 3 was pretty swell so I'd be up for seeing how CDPR does with it especially now that I've been replaying Deus Ex MD which is still great


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