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Welp, thats Shantae and the seven not giga mermaids beaten. Overall, pretty good time. Arts great, gameplay has been improved from last time a lot and the soundtracks good. Also monstergirls galore which is always a plus in my book.


For those who'd like to see such things, heres a bald eagle nest near where I live. Parent to the left, three babies to the right (ones hiding).


Welp, got Shantae and The Seven Sirens because I am a man of many weaknesses and monstergirls are one of them. Even if best girl (Giga Mermaid) isn't in it which is a severe detriment to the game, likin it so far and the backgrounds look gooood.


Also happy Shantae launch day everyone. Lets celebrate with one of my favorite arts from trigger.


Welp, fixed me joycon. Lovely to not have drift anymore, it was really really getting on my nerves.


Welp, got a big turnip spike. 505 bells a pop. Dodo codes 798DX and I'll be open for a while longer. Might open up later as well. Regardless, feel free to pop in and sell-tips and/or watering me roses/tulips is appreciated but not required.


Welp, finally saw The Godfather tonight. And to make what is likely the most obvious statement I will ever write, its great and I liked it a lot. Fantastic movie.


Beat Halo CE and yeah it holds up pretty good. Has its flaws but its just a damn good and effectively put together game. Remake also achieves the effect of looking like the game in my remembrance while obviously looking better. Tis a plus.


After all these years I had forgotten how effective a reveal the flood get in Halo 1. Still creepy.


Welp, decided to grab the Halo MCC and yeah so far I've been enjoying my time with Halo 1. Its been neat to play the game again after so long, and its also been...very instructive to be able to switch between the remake and original graphics.


1700 words. Yeah. I think this ones gonna be a long one.


Welp. Decided to boot up DOOME, and I got a prompt from Denuvo Anti-Cheat asking if it could make changes to my computer. And...I just sighed and decided I'm done. Deleted the game off my computer, think I'm just done with it.


One more thing due. And finals week is completed. Almost there....


The more I muse on DOOME the more I've kind of soured on it. Theres a fair bit I like about it but it doesn't feel as satisfying to play as DOOM 2016 and the more I switch between the two the more glaring the faults are.


Welp. Apparently Gigas not in the new Shantae game. I already knew that was gonna be the case, but saw it confirmed on the twitter. So....that sucks.


Alright, howzabout we move right along to #pettoid mayhaps. Or don't. But I have this picture of my dog wearing EXACTLY one boot while her paw heals. And I'll leave it here.


How bout a fresher one then. Outer Worlds is an alright game that rode the tide of Bethesda hatred to adulation, but its still not a replacement for good Bethesda games and it peters out midway thru. And Fallout 4 is better than it. #unpopularopiniontoid


Looks like id posted a response about the whole Mick situation. I'll post a link below, but I'm taking it with a lot of grains of salt.


Decided to finally try the Wasteland 3 beta. Yeah, I think this is gonna be a gooden.


Welp. Beat XCOM: Chimera Squad. Ultimately enjoyed it, I think as a side thing and testing ground its a fun time. Alien soldiers are a great idea and having them be defined character isn't a terrible idea. Looking forward to whatevers next.


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