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Something I decided to make, because I found the idea amusing. I'll post one without the added images and a link to the original comic in the comments as well.


Think I'll stream some Warframe. Maybe. Plans might have changed.


Wrote a new thing about portable systems and my feels on them. Started with gameboys, going to wrap up with the rest in due time.


Gaming on the Go Part 1: Gameboy Rising

In the interest of trying to cover up the fact that I’m a cynical and bitter husk of a human being be more positive here or there, I figured I’d talk about something that I love. Portable consoles-since my first handheld th...


Welp, RAGE 2 is next week. Don't imagine its going to be considered to be a great game but I'm hoping its a fun game if nothing else. Wasn't huge on RAGE but I saw some potential there and after DOOM I'm more interested in what this one has going on.


#arbirtarymetaltuesday A new band (new to me) I am enjoying the album of, and you'll win nothing if you guess who introduced them to me because of course it was nekro.


Finished The Old Blood. And....yeah I'm not really super hot on it. It ends pretty abruptly and anti-climatically, and it leaves a lot of questions hanging as well as not going as far as it could. Thoughts continued in comments.


Hmmm. This actually looks somewhat intriguing.


And we back. Looks like my disqus avatar might not be updating or be able to update but eh, not the end of the world. Think I'll do some streamin while drinkin, and see what happens gameswise.


Decided to make some homemade buffalo boneless chicken wings. Turned out pretty solid, I gots to say.


Going to have a stream rolling, In which Limo and I get around to trying to beat A Way out so he can force me to play dandelion. Because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment.


Welp, I'm feelin in a book readin mood so I decided to preorder a new version of Ancient Wines by Patrick McGovern. Thats in October though, so for now Imma read a book bout phages with some lovely lookin artwork, Thinking Like a Phage. Also Happy Easter


Welp, finished another read of a book that holds a lot of meaning for me. Found a copy of this book in my high school library due to random chance and it pushed me into microbiology. Its been enlightening to return to it and see the concepts it planted.


Warframes got its hooks back in. Honestly ever since Neo got me into it again a few years back, been a game I return to a fair bit. Especially with all the additions that keep rollin in, just keeps improvin. And especially especially fashionframe.


Goddamnit. That Notre Dame news is just such a fuckin tragedy. Fuck.


Tonight we watched Neil Breens newest film, Twisted Pair. And it was quite the experience. Almost a religious experience, one could say.


Gonna stream some warframe with zombie, feel free to join if you are interested.


Managed to snag all the unlockable characters in RoR2 so I'm looking forward to toying around with them in the times to come. Been havin a lovely time with the game so far.


Welp, thats Yakuza 0 beat. Pretty darn good game, very much enjoyed the story and characters s. Going to take a fair bit o time before I dig into the next one but yeah this some good stuff.


Yeah. Risk of Rain 2 is probably going to be a game I sink quite a bit of time into. So far I've just fallen in love with it, and I'm looking forward to toying around with more stuff and unlocking more-it scratches the same itch as Risk of Rain easily.


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