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Welp beat that there Mario+Rabbids Kingdom battle. That games far better than it has any right to be. And man does it have some teeth too.


Found this at a big arcade thing, made of little lights and what not. Was incredibly difficult to make it meaningfully far but it sure was perty. Few other images and what not in the comments.


Someone else posted this. But this trailer...this trailer fired me up a lot more than the other one. Its beautiful.


So thats what DOOM ETERNAL looks like. Pretty good, looks like they're possibly fans of Titanfall 2 as well. A few minor nitpicks but other than those it looks like a damn good time and I'm eager to tear into it.


I looked on the internet, and designed a trap for fruitflies. Because apparently theres still some hanging around and they want to come after my dough and frankly thats unacceptable. The sentence. Is death.


Happy Birthday to Gaj and Kerrik. May it be full of normal birthday things, alcoholic libations and the remembrance that bacteria are far more important than all the works of man on a galatic scale.


Tonight we watched Repo: The genetic opera. And if you're curious what its like, this video will give you a good idea.


I dance not at the orders of any man, but in celebration of the plague soon to strike him and his underlings down for their hubris. Viziers bloat full of plague bacteria just as well as any wretched man, after all.


Watched MI: Fallout. Yeah, pretty enjoyable.


Playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided again has made me realize what a damn shame its fate was. I won't pretend its perfect and its main story/world conceits have their problems but its gameplay is rock solid and Pragues still full of stuff I missed first run.


Going to stream some of a game called The Vagrant, on Scrustles reccomendation. Third session, is still good. Really enjoying this game, more than I thought I would at first.




Happy birthday WILF. As soon as I figure out how to turn sourdough starter into cake we'll see about ome being made in celebration in a different place and time but on the same plane of existence at least.


How....succulent. Going to move these back to my place now that they're all prepped again.


Just got out of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Bad. Bad is the movie. Just....hrgghhhhhhh.


Played Mario Tennis Aces. Really enjoyed Mario Tennis Aces. Bought Mario Tennis Aces. Play Mario Tennis Aces. With me.


Happy 4th, all. Hope it was a good one, try to catch the fireworks and drink heavily/do your preferred ritual.


Streaming some Vaal Hazak murder starring that there Strider so why not watch with a link in the comments and the joy of christmas day in your heart?


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