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Started replaying DOOM 2016, and man I still adore this damn game. Finding guns early is satisfying as all get out, and it just plays so well.


A grilled cheese made with my homemade sourdough bread and a cheddar gruyere fusion I got from the store. It was very good.


Sourdough loaf, cooked in a dutch oven. Gotta let it cool before I try it, hoping it tastes good.


Watched Shang Chi because family wanted to watch, normally not super interested in Marvel stuff. And yeah, enjoyed it. Won't say it was groundbreaking and I had plenty of quibbles with it but eh, was a fun enough ride.


Beat Metroid Dread on Hard. Had a good time as expected, still a big ol fan of the game. It still kinda floors me that this game exists and is as good as it is. As well as it actually managing to sell well.


Been replaying the Samus Returns Remake and yeah its still good. I find myself accidentally trying to slide a lot though lol. I kinda hope they give it a bit of a remaster and slap it on switch so it can sell better. And also all the other metroids plz.


As December approaches, I am given cause to muse on my GOTY list. Guess I should start putting it together so I don't release it in august of next year or so.


Time to stream for a bit. Some Warframe, probably.


Beat DOOM 3. Played it first in elementary school so its been a long time coming I spose. Yeah, I liked it-obviously not as good as 2016 but it has some fun ideas and neat concepts as well as some good attention to detail. Tis alright.


Beat Bright Memory: Infinite. Its about as garbled nonsense plotwise as its predecessor but overall I had fun though I've some gripes in the comments. Took me sub 3 hours to beat but this is a replay on harder difficulty kinda game.


Bright Memory: Infinite is pretty good so far. Feels slicker and controls somewhat better than its predecessor (though I might wanna go back to Bright Memory to make sure). Shame mouse buttons can't bind anything but c'est la vie.


Welp, beat Echoes of the Eye. Aside from the one part of the dlc I really disliked, I enjoyed it and its addition to the overall work. I think Outer Wilds is just a really neat game and the dlc was a good reminder of that.


Someone got me Dead Cells so I tried Dead Cells. Probably down to me recently playing Rogue Legacy 2 and Metroid recently but first impressions are that it feels somewhat clunky and it feels weird to not be able to aim bows.


Love Outer Wilds, and I been playing Echoes of the Eye. Was loving that too, till a certain point I won't detail because spoilers. Managed to barge my way through with external help but lordy it almost made me drop the game.


Previously unseen footage of Limo when he randomly tracks me down and wants to watch stuff with me:




Also happy birthday Scruff, may it be full of various Dorothys of varying levels of sfwness.


Happy Birthday Chris, hope it treats ya well. You've always been good people to folks round here, and you appreciate fish, so its always good to see you around.


Started DOOM 3 and yeah its alright so far. Tis interesting to go back and finally play it.


Yeah Rogue Legacy 2 is the good shit, as the kids say. Havin a blast exploring and toying with diff classes and etc.


Saw Rogue Legacy 2 was on a (mild) discount, and decided to grab it. Looks good, seems like folks think it's worth jumping in at the point its at, and I'm down for it.


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