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Had a field trip today. Been about 7 hours of work and still gotta keep chewing away. Tired but looking forward to gorging myself on food afterwards.


The trees turn colors. The air turns crisp. The sun retreats sooner. Sometimes it rains a lot, the sky is grey more often. And the skeletons emerge from their hiding places to prepare the land for the sacred day. Its fall in my part of the world friends.


Mmmm. Iunno that I'm feeling the Demons Souls Remake. It just looks and sounds off to me, and a lotta the aesthetic changes aren't really my bag. Think I'll probably consider skipping it. (Apparently its not coming to PC, that was an error unfortunately)


Started up Inmost and much to my surprise the game remembered my demo progress and allowed me to pick up where I left off. So far, is v enjoyable. Lotta good atmosphere and the storys compelling so far.


On the final stretch in Wasteland 3, and I've run into a bug thats blocking my progression. Planning on waiting for a patch because the alternative is reloading a save a handful of hours back. Somewhat frustrating, because I really like this game.


Welp, last day before the new semester starts. Guess we'll see how long classes stay in person before spikes send folks home. Gonna be an interesting second year....


After spending a ton of time on sidequests in Wasteland 3 I finally made my way to the Gippers base. I was expecting it to be entertaining and was not let down. I really like this game.


Streamin some MHW, watch if ye want or don't.


In this years least shocking twist, so far Wasteland 3 is good. Really enjoying my time with it so far and my gang of handmade weirdos.


Wasteland 3 downloading. Gonna try it out and maybe stream it later today.


Yeah, that Warframe Infested update is pretty good. Pretty dang good.


Wetwork in the lab for my first thesis aim should be wrapped this week, meaning that my first thesis aim will be ready to write up but its basically done. Then...a lot of writing and poster stuff in the future. And thesis aim 2. Goin good.


Welp, made it to the final boss of RoR2. Lost but eh, getting theres still a good step towards beating the game.


Made some Thai Red Curry sauce and threw in some cooked tofu. Turned out good.


After getting around to watching both of the new WB game trailers, I can't really say I'm interested. Maybe they'll turn out better than I'm thinking but Gotham Knights looks live servicey and SS just had a cinematic trailer that reminds me of the film


Beer is good. Mead is acceptable and high alcohol enough to get me drunk.


4 more days and we get a creepy gross infested open world area in warframe. I'm very, very excited, and continuously impressed by how DE keeps building on Warframe.


Inmost is out in 3 days, Wasteland 3 in 10, and I've been working through Bug Fables. Guess the rush is starting up in terms of games getting thrown at us that look pretty neat.


Tonight we watched Robot in the Family. And came away forever changed.


Shared with me by amna, and now shared with you because is good meme.


Beat Halo 3. After years of Halo 2 being the last Halo game I played, I was happy to finally try it out. That being said, I definitely think its the weakest of the three. Specially the ending and conclusion of things. Ah well, after this I got ODST/Reach


As of next week, my first thesis aims experimentation and wet work stuff should be about done, meaning I can write it up and start preparing figures etc. Exciting stuff.


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