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I added a new entry to "The Sims Legacy" post, I realized I forgot another semi-popular entry. The Sims Medieval.


I realize that I will end my two-part KH set rather abruptly as we still have yet to know what the game is entirely about. But, that's fine. It'll be edited as soon as I play some and its been out for a while, so continue to check back on that feature.


It's hard finding freelance work without having to pay. I tried Fiverr, didn't work. I got three clients and after those three, I've not gotten anything more. I've tried other sites and all of them require payment. I'm never going to go far. :(


Have spooky Friday the 13th, ooooooooooo. It's way brighter than it should be here for Friday the 13th.


The Kingdom Hearts Legacy (2002-2009)

So, I wrote a feature for GamingBolt a while back and the video affiliated with the feature has recently been released. When I was looking through the comments I realized how many people were talking about Kingdom Hearts, whether it w...


I feel I have failed as an anime fan because I cannot pronounce: Kizumonogatari 3: Reiketsu-hen.


I have underestimated the difficulty of writing an article on a site like this.


I have underestimated the difficulty of writing articles on a website like this.


The Sims Legacy

We all know of The Sims franchise, right? It's one of those series that set the standard of what the simulation genre should strive to be. Maxis Software - currently known as EA Maxis - was the developer of the franchise. It was founde...


Well, it's interesting to see that Spyro will be coming to the modern consoles. See you soon purple dragon.


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