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I'm 100% taking full advantage of Cloak's Black Friday sale.


What is a good video game adapted movie? IE Mortal Kombat, Assassin's Creed, etc.?


Fan-Made P.T. PC Port is In-Development

Does anyone remember P.T.? That playable teaser for the now-canned "Silent Hills"? If you do, you know how absolutely horrifiying it is, but for those who don't quite remember it, that's fine; after all it was taken off the PS Store an...


I finally got Shadow of the Colossus yesterday and played it today. It's so good.


I can't tell if I wasted nearly fifty bucks on web hosting . . .


We'll never see an official movie about the adventures of Dogwelder. The hero who kills and welds dead dogs onto criminals! We need to make that!


Doing research for a project and I am now realizing just how many ridiculously weird superheroes and villains there are.


The Kingdom Hearts Legacy (2010-2018)

Welcome back to "The Kingdom Hearts Legacy" written by yours truly. Last time we left off it was 2009 and we were talking about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. No, you don't have to glance at your calendar . . . we didn't go back in time . ...


Fun fact: I still play Pokemon Go from time to time and my parents do too, but when they pixellated the Pokemon they didn't like that, I of course, as the Pokemon fan I am loved it. ._.


There's something about 8-bit art that I love. I'm not even an old-fashioned gamer.


One of my writers for PixelBay had told the team that he was cheated out of an intro. After three weeks of lies an editor (not part of PixelBay) told him he wasn't going to make the intro. Wow.


My PS4 is having some mobile hotspot connectivity issues. It won't connect no matter what. I've looked everywhere and tried everything I could. In case you're wondering, it's an AT&T ZTE MF923 mobile hotspot. I don't know what's wrong in the slightest.


Don't you just love month old podcast episodes? This was a podcast I began with myself, RiseofKira and CorperalCanada. Opening theme: Button Masher - Ross Bugden, other music provided by: HeatleyBros.


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