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Just got my second shot. Still no sticker, but they did give me a 20% off coupon and a free COVID-themed greeting card.


If Nintendo ever makes another F-Zero, do you think they'll call it New F-Zero or F-Zero Returns?




My wallpaper at the moment is this. Wish I could remember where I found the image, because it is one incredible piece of fan art.


I jut discovered by accident that I could set my PS4 avatar to whatever I want. Don’t know how long that’s been a featured, but I’ve never noticed it in seven and a half years.


This game looks perfect.


I have an announcement to make: This box contains noodle!


I feel bamboozled. I had no symptoms for like 12 hours after getting my first shot, then around bedtime my arm started to get sore. Today I can barely move it. Still, if that's all I guess I'm doing pretty good.


Just got my first vaccine shot and they didn’t give me a sticker or anything :(


End of Xenoblade 2 got me. With the fist one my reaction was, "Well that was nice." With 2, tears were shed. The damn music, man! Yasunori Mitsuda is a legend.


I got an email that my Limited Run copy of Rivals Of Aether is shipping soon and I’m actually kind of disappointed. They delayed Celeste for a significant amount of time to include the dlc on cart, and Rivals isn’t going to have the new characters now


I recently read that Disney had a sequel to Star Wars Rebels in production with some dialog already recorded, but when The Mandalorian did so well they pivoted to live action and it became the Ahsoka series. The new description seems to confirm that.


Guys,I have a confession to make: I've actually been the chief of The Guild this whole time. As proof of my leadership, you can see I possess the ancestral rainstick. Join The Guild and one day you too can have a epic beard.


Is it weird I want a PS5 specifically for this?


Finished Xenoblade the other day thanks to casual mode and other changes in the Switch version. It really went off the rails in the last third or so. This video immediately came to mind.


Say fellas, did somebody mention the door to darkness?


#mashuptoid reminder that No More Heroes is now available from Limited Run.


This isn’t exactly a mashup, but it is one of my favorite videos of all time.


There's lots of great choices for #mashuptoid, but I think this might be the most perfect pairing of all time.


Let's give them the best streaming numbers they've ever seen so they renew the show!


Guys, I don't want to speak too soon but it appears they finally fixed the character portraits loading in Smash Ultimate.


Today I learned that Nintendo owned the Banjo-Kazooie IP, but sold it back to Rare in exchange for the Donkey Kong characters they had created so Microsoft wouldn't own them.


I don't think I've ever heard anybody pronounce Arceus correctly until the Pokemon direct. Why does everyone say Arseus? Where did that come from? And as a follow up, I'm so used to hearing "Pokeymon" that hearing it said properly actually sounded weird.


Still skeptical about aspects of Halo Infinite, but I must say I admire their commitment to player feedback regarding the art style. Halo looks NORMAL again!


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