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It's the moment nobody has been waiting for: Watch me open tons of amiibo! The volume is low, so crank it up! Unfortunately, my editing software kept crashing so there was nothing I could do, but the video turned out great so I wanted to post it anyway.


Damn COVID is really mucking up everything! Everyone is getting home delivery because it’s safer and now all the delivery services are swamped. Gonna have to wait to play Hyrule Warriors, I guess...


Gorillaz figures are now available to preorder! If you shop at Superplastic you can get 15% off with the code JANKYLUST. Also on the Gorillaz website without a coupon if you hate having money.


@InquisitiveRavenclaw you asked for it, and by complete coincidence you have received! Noodle figure is incoming! Some sort of announcement is happening on Thursday.


I keep seeing this ad on Twitter and all I can think is, “Why doesn’t the PS5 box art look like this?” It’s got that big, empty white bar all the way across with black font and it looks terrible!


When you’re the last chip in the bag and I’m coming for you.


You'll never guess what's in this box. Hint: it's unfortunately not spaghetti.


Can somebody explain to me why it is you can remotely play your PS5 games on your PS4 using a DualShock 4, but can’t use it to play the same games on a PS5? It just makes no damn sense!


I was wondering why the PS5 is releasing on a Thursday and then I realized it was because they didn't want it to be cursed forever.


Has anybody tested Control on PS5? I was watching Digital Foundry’s video about backwards compatibility and it looks like every game runs better regardless of any specific patches.


I hope this picture is in every history book.


It's almost that time again! (side note: I really miss Leo's videos)


Middle of the damn night and now Biden is winning in Wisconsin.


I actually really hate how any song plays on Battlefield & FD now instead of you setting music frequency. The Smash original songs only play on those stages and now you have a 1/1000 chance of hearing one randomly.


I made ziploc bags of candy to put out on my porch because I figured stupid parents were going to take their kids trick or treating anyway, but then it rained! More candy for me!


I was watching Night Gallery with my dad and then the power went out right when the spooky twist was going to happen. I think I’m being haunted.


So, today HBO Max & CN announces: A Tiny Toons sequel, another new show from Genndy Tartakovsky called Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, and, most surprisingly, a new cartoon from Mo Willems called Unlimited Squirrels. Mo created Sheep in the Big City!


The one thing that bothers me about the Dualsense so far is the glossy plastic buttons. I've always hated that on Sony's handhelds. My fingers slip all over the place! I hope they make some with regular matte buttons eventually.


The Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods soundtrack:


Damn, look at this old-ass picture I found! They were going to update the UI so I took this to always remember the good times.


GUYS. They're making a PC Engine add-on for the Analogue Pocket! (Also, they're making a new Turbo console called the Duo, but that's not important.)


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