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I was just going to complain that nobody reminded me about the Onrush open beta because it's taking me so long to download (11 gigs!) that it'll be over by the time it finishes... BUT it's now been extended by 2 days so I guess I'm playing it after all!


An informative video that seems like it was made specifically for you guys.


I don't know who the fuck Zazie Beetz is or why she has such a goofy name, but she was incredible in Deadpool 2.


Was playing some Splatfest battles and ended up getting a quad kill and splatting the entire other team. Clip in the comments!


I wasn't going to buy Hyrule Warriors yet, but I guess I might as well while I still get 20% off. Hell, I might as well buy or preorder ALL the Nintendo games I can at a discount since they never go on sale!


Sonic Twitter strikes again.


Learning a lot about Mario Tennis Aces with these YouTube auto-translate captions.


When Blazblue came out I assumed it was pronounced "Blaz Blue" like any normal person would. Then I was told that, no, it's supposed to be "Blaze Blue". Now I'm expected to believe that it's actually "Blay Blue"!? Stop fucking with me Arc System Works!


I can't stop thinking about that peeled foot. WHY U DO DIS TO ME HYPNO!?


I feel like Marvel's upcoming movie slate kind of spoils Infinity War, doesn't it?


This has to be some sort of record.


Man, why didn't anybody tell me I had to redeem my Splatfest prize immediately? RIP sea snails...


>.> Well, hello there! (I see someone took my advice)


Night Trap trading card that came with the latest issue of Nintendo Force:


I know I said yesterday it seems like Steven Universe is ending soon, but at the same time it appears that a bunch of people are still working on the show which would be impossible if only 9 episodes are left. The ones airing now were worked on in 2016!


I guess Steven Universe is ending soon. Like, in 8 or 9 episodes unless the season is extra long for some reason. Star is probably ending next season too, but at least there's some good stuff to look forward to like Infinity Train and Owl House!


Saw both Nolan North and Troy Baker in the God of War credits, but I didn't recognize them in the game so I looked it up. They were Modi and Magni, of course...


I think God of War might be the longest game I've ever finished. Probably a combo of release timing and that it's an excellent game. Usually, I either lose interest or get distracted by other games. Spent 3-5 hours a night for three weeks on it!


You know, as much as Teen Titans Go insults me, I have to admire how often they acknowledge how bad and stupid their own show is.


I'm missing one horn of blood mead and I know exactly where it is but the area is inaccessible now as far as I know so I guess I'll never have max rage.


I saw this amazing Labo music on Twitter recently and wanted to share it but I couldn't embed it because it wasn't on YouTube until now. So... here it is!


Today I found a little kitty sitting on a fire hydrant.


This dude is a damn musical genius. He's done a bunch of these, but I think this one is my favorite.


Whoa, when did YouTube fix playlists again to play in the correct order instead of reverse!?


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