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So how is PC multiplayer on MW2?

MW2 Multiplayer Review I've been looking for a story that looked specifically at the multiplayer aspect of MW2 on PC, and I finally found one. It looks like the majority of the skepticism on our (the PC community) parts was justified and ...


My "wah" post (MW2 related)

So everybody's written a blog stating their opinion of MW2. Except me. So here it is IW not implementing dedicated server support, and in fact putting significant effort and development time into creating IWnet (a dumbed down experience)...


Since We're on the Subject of Video Game Music

There seem to be several blogs out there currently about people's favorite game music, and I've wanted to do a post about one of my favorite games and its soundtrack for a while, so now seems like a perfect time to do it. Mega Man X for th...


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