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So a kid and his mom passed by me in the lobby of our apartment complex today and I overheard him tell his mom he considered Dark Souls to be a masterpiece. Couldn't have been more then 10 years old. I-I think I'm crying.


Still slowly making my way through the Sigmarites in the Shadespire box. Up next is the commander.


So Soulbow got me thinking, older animated Disney songs as performed by Creed.


Happy Birthday Torch. Hope it's a good one. Also today is the one day you could play Siege and be forgiven for having done so.


Welcome back to the Stage of History. A tale of nerds and cards eternally retold. As Morty mentioned our round of Bass' Magic Mania Tour will be streamed at 12pm CST. You can watch him crush me at Twitch.tv/venturecrow


Just got the the Platinum in Sekiro. What a wild, sometimes frustrating, ride that was. Also, it's dumb that Sony won't let you simply hide your real name in general.


Gus and I are continuing our Halo shenanigans and it's about to get spooky scary. Feel free to pop on in. Twitch.tv/venturecrow


Vxxy and I are set to sling spells at each other in the next round of the BlondeBass Super Extravagant Magic Spectacular. Watch at twitch.tv/venturecrow. EDIT: Because it was short gonna stream Siege with Limo and a drunk Dere. Probably monologue for Gus.


What a day. I am ready for my bed to eat me alive.


Looking to make up for my god awful Siege play yesterday if anybody is game.


Fighting most bosses in Sekiro feels like playing a rythym game after a while.


OG Soulbow is the Dark Souls of Soulbows.


Don't trust this doctor. They're a Kwak.


I fear I am staring down a rabbit hole from which there is no escape.


With Vlambeer starting to bring titles to the Switch I hope we see a port of Luftrausers at some point.


Dere had one of the best nights in Siege I've seen coming in first multiple times and consistently within the top three of our team. The boy's done papa chanka proud.


It's been raining all day and now a thick fog has rolled in so I can't see three feet in front of my car. All in all though it hasn't been bad. I hope everyone else has been having a good day.


I feel like I'm getting better at Apex. Had multiple games last night where I eliminated a squad on my own. Still only have the one win though...


Whiskey Sour in the only applicable glass I own.


Streaming some Siege with Dere and Renaud if you want to join us. Twitch.tv/venturecrow


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