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Anyone interested in stylish 2D action platformers should check out Gigabuster's kickstarter. It looks like a blast and there's a demo of the first level available.


Top of my never gonna happen Smash DLC character wishlist is the Jill from MvC2. Joker opened a door in my mind that'll be hard to close.


Okay Soul you were right. Finka is pretty fun.


Just fought Shibboletho in Smash and I have to say the voice chat function works out a hell of a lot better than I thought it would. Not sure how that would translate to a larger group though.


Limo sell me your smash copy and i'll sell it back to you for the same price.


Ugh, I think I'm suffering Soulbow Syndrome


On the eve of the hallowed Smash release here's one of my favorite little callbacks from smash 4.


This Christmas Nintendo and the Krampus have teamed up to give Switches to all the good boys and girls.


Ah, crap. My elite trained killer scorpions got out again. Anyone let me know if you see 'em.


I wish we had actually gotten this costume in Odyssey


I know it's nothing new but holy crap full color NVGs are kind of insane.


Something about this feels off, HORI.


As the winter winds litter Live with Siegeless hearts A warmth in your words swept me into your arms Was it love or fear of the Mike that led us through the night? With every breach your beauty trumped my doubt


Thanks @TriPLYMOUTHrok for recommending Project Warlock. I sat down to play for just a little bit and a couple hours flew by without me realizing it.


I find most of the live action Pokemon renditions to be incredibly adorable (I'm sure you can guess the exception). What do you all think?


My sole Black Friday purchase was DragonBall Fighterz for ps4. Time to supplicate at the alter of Akira Toriyama and Arc System Works.


Happy War on Turkey Day my fellow Americans.


I convinced a friend to buy Hollow Knight for seven bucks through the PSN Black Friday sale. I was equally envious and delighted to watch him play it for the first time.


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