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Last night, through the lens of Dead by Daylight, Gus and Dere plumbed the depths of Torch's cowardice. How any human being with a shred of empathy could just open the exit gate and leave a dear friend on the hook is beyond me.


Time for Round 3 of Big Meaty Screamy Boy: The Game. Join us for Resident Evil 3 Remake as Prins descends into the body horror. (I know the image is RE 1 Jill. I like it) Twitch.tv/MidnightRailroad.


Happy Monday y'all. Source in the comments.


I've never been one to want for movie or video game props but I would love to get my hands on one of the stop motion puppets from Primal Rage. Mainly my boy Talon.


Finally done with work for the week so time to avoid responsibility and drown myself in magical anime teens, mecha, and digital monsters.


Hey all! I've posted some of his stuff before, mainly his original works in TEGN, but this is a friendly reminder that Even Mehl Amundsen is an amazing fantasy artist and you should give his work a look-see if you like that sort of thing.


Recently got some friends into DBD and this is all I could think about.


So McFarlane is producing a series of painted and unpainted Primaris Marine toys. Fully articulated and everything. They mentioned that this is just the start and they plan on producing more than just marines. That's pretty damn cool.


I didn't think I'd need a retro-styled FPS in the vein of Crypt of the Necrodancer but here we are. This game looks amazing and the song in the trailer kicks ass too.


Don't know if it's been posted yet but this song sits on permanent rotation in my head #OPtoid.


Despite the decision to forgo any local multiplayer, and locking online multiplayer behind some archaic regional barrier, I'm still psyched to pick up Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition on Friday.


Prins and I have been binging and absolutely loving BNA. Watching it though reminds me of another favorite shape shifting anime of mine: Pom Poko.


Hey y'all. You didn't hear it from me but today is Prins' birthday. She means the world to me and I'm thankful she decided to be a part of my life. *recedes into the shadows*


For anyone playing the new weeby gacha sensation SinoAlice I made a dtoid guild. Feel free to join. It's open to auto-accept despite what the picture says.


It's that time again. Join us tonight at 8pm CST for another round of Drunk Souls the Third with special guests Renaud, and possibly Dere. Rules in the comments. Twitch.tv/venturecrow and for Renaud's perspective Twitch.tv/RenaudB90.


Got around to finally painting a Chaos Sorcerer that's been sitting on my shelf for a while. More pics in the comments.


For this edition of Frosty's opinion corner if you're looking for a decent comic to read try out Limbo. It's an open-ended, metaphysical, 80's vaporwave romp with a dash of New Orleans' voodoo all tied together in a neat Noir package. I rather enjoyed it.


Fallout 76 let me make a delinquent in the character creator. A+ game so far.


I invited Prins over for coffee but she was unfortunately not impressed.


Heya guys. Just reminding you that Siege is a cool game with neat people and you should give it a shot with the free weekend coming up.


Getting back to my minis after a little hiatus. Finished the first of seven skelly men.


After a small debacle with a cracked case and a dented disc they're both finally here. Two of my favorite movie going experiences of the last couple years.


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