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With Vlambeer starting to bring titles to the Switch I hope we see a port of Luftrausers at some point.


Dere had one of the best nights in Siege I've seen coming in first multiple times and consistently within the top three of our team. The boy's done papa chanka proud.


It's been raining all day and now a thick fog has rolled in so I can't see three feet in front of my car. All in all though it hasn't been bad. I hope everyone else has been having a good day.


I feel like I'm getting better at Apex. Had multiple games last night where I eliminated a squad on my own. Still only have the one win though...


Whiskey Sour in the only applicable glass I own.


Streaming some Siege with Dere and Renaud if you want to join us. Twitch.tv/venturecrow


Whatever happened to that @Soulbow guy? It's been at least 4 or 5 days without any Siege related content and I'm not quite sure what I should do with myself.


Had some of this on my pancakes this morning and it was pretty good. Sweet with a bite in the tail.


Started another co-op Shovel Knight run with my friend last night. This game is such a delight.


I think I love the cosplay that emulates cell shaded styles the most.


Been playing 1/2 Genie Hero and spider Shantae is the cutest....I may have a problem.


A Summer tasting beer for a Winter Friday.


I think I found Soulbow in toy form.


Kinda late but I'll jump on that Umbrella Academy bandwagon. That was pretty damn good.


Turns out Soulbow's a pretty good pirate captain. We only accidently scuttled 2 ships and ran aground 4 or 5 times. He also fell off the ship a bunch but being the good first mate that I am I begrudgingly turned the ship around to get him.


Just waitin' on Ace Combat 7 to download...


Been playing Ace Attorney this past week and I'm just gonna come out and say it. I'm a damn good lawyer.


I love you all as much as one disembodied voice can love another on the internet.


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