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Oh man, I finished Psychonauts 2 a couple of days ago and I'm still not over it. IT IS SO GOOD. It fixes the first game's issues and is so heartwarming. It's not flawless no, but what is? I've wanted this game for SIXTEEN YEARS, they DELIVERED.

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The cool people use black and white avatars, right


So like. Destructoid is cool. I hope I can find myself to engage in the community more.


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Hey, call me Ridge. A little birdie may have told you that I'm a Norwegian as well, and that much is true.

Did you know I love tech? I love computers, hardware, software, really just about anything related to them. This means not just games and how they play but also modding of the actual hardware and the games. I've dabbled with pretty much all of the things I just mentioned above, to varying degrees of success. Hey, I'm getting better at it tho.

Even tho I see myself as being perfectly incapable of writing in a way that is engaging to the reader, perhaps I'll write something interesting related to these things sometime nevertheless. Critique me! Gently!
And then, maybe one day, Mr. Destructoid will even... gasp, notice me...
That's what I strive for anyways!

Fun fact: "Isoginchaku" means "sea anemone" in japanese. Anemones are cool.