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Friday Night Fight: Cooking Martha

Last week on DTD network we discussed how to properly maintain your skateboard bearings, this week we take the time to explain what to do when unexpected guests decide that they are too good to use a damn phone and show up unannounced. ...


Friday Night Fights: Who, what, me?

"Hey, I wonder why the Friday Night Fights post isn't up yet.""That's because it was your turn to write it."Well fuck me gently and tell me you love me, I had no idea. Do you guys see what Xenoblade does to me? I'm forgetting things left an...


FNF: Christmas toime is hear

Like it or not Christmas time is here, you just got done with spending time with family this past week but don't worry Aunt Bertha will be back in a few weeks to continue barraging you with questions about where you stand in the super impor...


Friday Night Fights: Good Dog Edition

Warning: NVGR emotional stuff incoming. Skip to the bottom for the vidya garmz.I should preface by saying that if you're ever in a situation where you have a choice between using Craigslist to look for roommates or being a homeless person l...


Friday Night Fights: Rusty Kart Edition

Just a few days ago I played my first game of local multiplayer Mario Kart in a very long time. And on this meditative journey of introspection, I realized some things. For example, I realized that I've lost some of my Mario Kart 8 touch. ...


Friday Night Fights: Kept You Playing huh?

Let me start this out by saying that I love The Phantom Pain, but in the beginning I was torn between blowing through story missions and trying to make it last a bit longer as this will probably be the last true Metal Gear game. More than a...


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