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Cats, 19th century style.




Yesterday. (Timestamp 1:06, if it doesn't work here.)



Dealing with minor covid symptoms, listening to Eric Idle's That's Death (from a Discworld game), trying to work at least part of the day (home, of course). That's Life. (Flashing colour warning for the video.)


MSXdev'22 got 32 entries this year -- another high number. 9 entries still unknown (arrived on the last day == yesterday), but the point'n'click that's 32MB or so in size is a solid candidate to win.


If there are no birds, only government drones, so what's KFC been feeding you lot?


Finally got the Turrican Collector's Edition for Switch, 25 months after preordering.


I defeated the long tapeworm enemy once in Hyper Demon, but it has defeated me at least twice. And I don't see a training option for it.


I've played over 4h of Hyper Demon this weekend, I have a headache and I cannot stop. This is why I will never amount to anything.


I don't think I'll start watching The Tick at my age, but are there really no bread villains in DC? (A google result says there was in Earth-9047, whatever that is.)


So I bought Hyper Demon, from the creators of Devil Daggers. More in the same vein, but definitely not for anyone with any problems with flashing lights, or even without. Eurogamer subheader: "a playable migraine, in a good way."


Not bread but pear cakes, take two (a much more successful take even). I should bake bread sooner than later, though.


What do you make out of a game title "Loot Box Simulator - RPG Anime Girls"? (Yes, a game by this name is on eShop.)


I'm pretty happy that Konami's Maze of Galious, which inspired the creators of La Mulana, will be revived by the people who created La Mulana. Also: baby called Pamperse?


Painful reminder that Escher girls are still a thing. That's not a possible pose, right?


It cannot be an E3 without Just Dance. It fits.


I envy people like those who created Shadowgate. I can't make myself create such an illogical place as the castle, and that's a serious shortcoming in my games.


So I have now seen Wagner's Valkyrie. Two down, two more to go...


I have started to believe in thissprintism. There is no past or future outside of the current two-week sprint.


Naughty Dog's Rings of Power was fun. Alas, I don't think it will ever be rereleased and prove my memories wrong. Such is life.


RLZ asked what laxatives I used. Well, I would've used nature's own, plums, (recipe in the video,) but... well, the plums themselves were too runny and the sheet was full of plum juice when I took it out of the oven. Still trying to save it...


How to put the best foot forward, nut cake style (the other side has zero "gaps". No clue how it'll taste, since this was my first try and will offer this at work tomorrow. Video: the recipe I used, with added cardamom.


If you ever stumble upon a game with my name on it -- I prefer it lost and forgotten than preserved and pirated.


Re: various Mini consoles (NES, SNES, ...) -- how long do you think one should give each game in the system to say, "I have played all the games on it"?


The original setup in XC3 makes me a bit curious about Sacrifice, despite really disliking RTS games of any ilk (Battlezone 2 maybe not withstanding).


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