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Painful reminder that Escher girls are still a thing. That's not a possible pose, right?


It cannot be an E3 without Just Dance. It fits.


I envy people like those who created Shadowgate. I can't make myself create such an illogical place as the castle, and that's a serious shortcoming in my games.


So I have now seen Wagner's Valkyrie. Two down, two more to go...


I have started to believe in thissprintism. There is no past or future outside of the current two-week sprint.


Naughty Dog's Rings of Power was fun. Alas, I don't think it will ever be rereleased and prove my memories wrong. Such is life.


RLZ asked what laxatives I used. Well, I would've used nature's own, plums, (recipe in the video,) but... well, the plums themselves were too runny and the sheet was full of plum juice when I took it out of the oven. Still trying to save it...


How to put the best foot forward, nut cake style (the other side has zero "gaps". No clue how it'll taste, since this was my first try and will offer this at work tomorrow. Video: the recipe I used, with added cardamom.


If you ever stumble upon a game with my name on it -- I prefer it lost and forgotten than preserved and pirated.


Re: various Mini consoles (NES, SNES, ...) -- how long do you think one should give each game in the system to say, "I have played all the games on it"?


The original setup in XC3 makes me a bit curious about Sacrifice, despite really disliking RTS games of any ilk (Battlezone 2 maybe not withstanding).


Evercade EXP just got more interesting now that it has built-in Capcom arcade games (14, plus four home system titles). But since it's a handheld, no multiplayer on SF2:HF?


I watched Pangya! Golf With Style trailer (Wii, or Super Swing Golf for the NA lot) now, and it made me want to play golf courses set in the Xenoblade universe with somewhat tuned mechanics.


After finishing XBC3, Xenoblade Chronicles X is still my favourite Xenoblade. The music, Mira, the vistas, the combat, the water treatment plant. (Haven't played Torna, but I'm pretty confident I'd stick with X.)


Finished XBC3 at 110h (didn't use any bonus XP, would've been 14 levels higher if I had used). Maybe with most others in mentally different states than me the game would've resonated more than it did with me.


What else would you put inside a wrap beside a tasty sausage? My go-to of raw onion, pickles, mustard and ketchup might not suffice...


Why is it designed so that I cannot level down in Xenoblades 2-3 except in NG+? (I'm assuming XBC3 NG+ is like it was in 2 in this respect.)


In chapter 5 of XBC3 now after 45h, and I think I'd rather be playing XBCX for the third time. But then, I thought as badly about XBCX at this point back then...


I think I've already asked this before... but is there a game that has at most minimal amount of combat and is mostly about research/field work with a narrative? Collecting plant samples, scanning artefacts/organisms, etc. to find a complete picture?


Found many collectibles in a couple of hours at Local Forest. Alas, I ran out of inventory space and had to leave a lot behind. This'll cover the usage over the next year, since the ~50€ I'd get by selling them isn't much.


I tried making a marbled honey-cherry Bundt cake and what I got was a colour blind test.


Well, I plugged in my Canon V-20 and saw the sound + video work... but the integrated keyboard has many dead keys. Too involved for me, I fear. Video: Different MSX, but similar keyboard build.


A friend was throwing his old electronics stuff away, so I bought it instead. Such as ten wrestling games (GBA Fire Pro being the newest) that I doubt I'll ever play. Here's some of the games.


I'd like to spread the gospel of ZeroRanger, but I think bigger shmup aficionados would do a far better job than me. Given the number of winks at old shmups I've spotted, I'd do an inadequate job in it.


Installed and played some Monolith and ZeroRanger. I like them, although "Arc Adder" and "Artype" were a bit too obvious references as pre-boss fights in the latter.


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