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I don't like motivational stories. Even stuff like this that in hindsight "show" that it paid MS to give a shot. https://www.usgamer.net/articles/mercurysteammetroid-an-opportunity-lost-or-a-bullet-dodged


Urgh. I R Stupid. Went orienteering solo, and after three hours and 17500 steps, I gave up on checkpoint 7/11. The mistake was in not having anything to drink with me in a morning when temperature went from 24C to 28C.


Well, the Euro 2021 matches are messing with my sleep enough that I got a moment of sleep paralysis after my nap today.


Well, I baked some rastons. Not sure what to make of them... they tasted stuffy (probably the alcohol-free ale, and I don't drink ale). Wanted to use garlic butter in filling, but didn't have garlic. Ehh.


"This is the Wii U 2, without Nintendo's backing." (paraphrasing Kyle Orland, I think). Savage.


On hypothetical ports... Triforce Heroes w/ local multiplayer on Switch might be nice. Not sure if they could improve Federation Force on a bigger system. Picross 3D would need more accurate controls than my fat fingers on the touch screen.


There are no mistakes, only happy accidents, was it?


For some minutes, there were Rabbid Chungus and Rabbid Bowsette Chungus "art" posted here. I am sorry.


How project kick-off meetings end.


This is the last time I will try to make puff pastry dough from scratch at home. 26C is too hot, and now that I've seen how much butter it has, I know why it's not good for me.


Why isn't there a conspiracy theory of how the corona vaccination and 5G repel mosquitos and horseflies?


Well, my Xbox360 controller I use on PC has started drifting. Which gamepad would you suggest I start using now? I already have a Wii U gamepad, a spare Bigben's PS3 controller and one or two really bad Wii U 3rd-party controllers.


I don't like metal, so Indica cannot be metal.


I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw myself lurking inside my eye. But no lights were on.


My employer was recently bought by a big company. Might be a good time to find a different place to work...


When you've spent all your energy on hating yourself and can't muster any more to hate others. And decreasingly even yourself.


Vanilla ice cream with spruce sprout syrup, and rhubarb... crumble? Pot dish with rhubarb + sugar at the bottom, and sugar, oats, butter, wheat flour, cinnamon on top anyway. A downside of living alone is having to eat everything I bake :(


Have played EDF World Brothers for over 11h (lvl53), solo on normal difficulty. I'm somewhat disappointed that unlike in other EDF games I've played, I haven't had to adjust my loadout on a per-mission basis. (Royal Ba, Wing Diver, Tulip Sa, Amigo Ba)


Maple syrup didn't hard enough. Now I'm cooking spruce sprout syrup, and the smell makes me want to go outside.


I thought of making an ovensheet-bread with rosemary and pineapple, but apparently pineapple isn't a stranger to these breads. Well, I'll try making one anyway.


Comic artist BenoƮt Sokal has died at 66. His arguably main credits in video games include the story of the Syberia series +AD in 1 and 2.


I foresee the Reptilian Menace wrote Nintendo's E3 presentation.


Argh... for all my talk about not buying games in extant franchises, I see EDF World Brothers and I buy it before remembering. Welp. Gotta do penance for this...


Dragon Quest Swords is the only DQ game I have played... and that's enough for me.


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