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That's Blade Runner (Westwood, 1997) finished (again). Maybe 7-8 hours this time, had to resort to a walkthrough twice today. Not sure if a cblog would add anything new to the topic.


Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? He didn't have the guts. Joke courtesy of Might & Magic 2: Gates to Another World.


Today, #MondayMusic gives the full song of at least the PC CD version of Space Hulk (EA, 1993) - "Get out of my way" by D-Rok (1991). Very different from that Kylie Minogue song.


Please put in order of how well-known you think these IPs are: Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Dan Dare, Judge Dredd? (For me, it's the stated order with JD being the least known.)


Yono and the Celestial Elephants feels like it's aimed at children, but it's got a lot of text and no voiceovers at all. Maybe one parent is expected to read it aloud?


The small things that make me cringe. See what's wrong here? (Image from that elephant Yono game)


Life is like a lootbox: expensive and you rarely get what you want.


I'm not addicted to writing cblogs! I'm not! *stomps foot angrily* Ow.


Tough crowd, eh? #OkändOnsdag More EA, this time Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday (SSI/EA, 1990). SSI applied their engine to more than just their gold box AD&D games. (YT video of the Genesis version by NintendoComplete)


#OkändOnsdag Sid Meier and Will Wright collaborated, the result? Sid Meier's SimGolf (Firaxis/EA, 2002). Too bad it doesn't work on Win10 and likely plays worse than I remember. (YT lets-play by psymonkey)


Enjoying games after turning them off

If you've seen The Sixth Sense, the final twist could've left you thinking over it long after the credits had run out. Like Brothers: Tale of Two Sons (Starbreeze Studios/505 Games, 2013) didn't leave me be after I had finished the gam...


So... which game has better ending, Xenoblade Chronicles X or Limbo of the Lost (Majestic Studios/G2 Games, Tri Synergy, 2007) (see the video below)?


Played Blade Runner for 4.5h. I had far fonder memories of the game before this run: one easily missed exit and a "dawdling means dying" part were a pain. Will continue the stream another day.


Oh yeah, Bond theme in today's #MondayMusic Hit it! And no, I'm not sorry at all.


My last Miiverse post. Call me presumptuous if you will, but I thought it works here as well.


I'm playing some games I recommended yesterday... and I'm now jumping on the backs of mechanical alpacas in level 3/5(?) of Contra Rebirth.


Bring out your dead, Wii Shop Channel...

Wii Shop Channel is closing down and with it, some games will again stop being on any digital storefronts. A week ago I asked for suggestions for games that might be worth taking a look at before they're rendered unavailable. Here are ...


Trying to work on getting OrochiLeona's spirits higher... at least I still got a month left. Plus, I hope he'll stop me if I'm having the opposite effect?


Most of the video game music concert I was at in September (I wrote a cblog on it, too!) can be listened for 30 days at https://areena.yle.fi/1-4200978 if you're so inclined. No Monkey Island or Megaman and a fair bit of talking between the pieces.


I realized my favourite Zelda game wasn't made by Nintendo. Suddenly, everything makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE. (I refer to Minish Cap by Capcom/Flagship.)


Given how boring I recognize myself as now, I see no point in publishing an introductory cblog. Is there a way to delete cblog drafts, now numbering in double digits? (Or have the prev/next buttons at the bottom of the page behind the 'edit' text work?)


#OkändOnsdag One of my favourite games on Megadrive, Jungle Strike (EA, 1993) was for me the pinnacle of the now long-defunct series. I hate to think it's unknown, so I call it a bonus game for today. (YT video by MadMatty/World of Longplays)


Today I learned how to translate "listless" to Finnish. My active vocabulary just grew by one word.


#OkändOnsdag This is for you, Destructoid. Learn to think with portals and swing that mighty big trunk of yours on planet Bop in Bop! (Colin Jones/Bug-Byte, 1986) (YT video by TheVideogameDatabase)


Every day you put off buying a microSD card for your Switch is money saved.


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