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So that you won't make the same mistake I did -- the "Overdrive" feature in XC2 that lets you transfer Blades from one Driver to another has limited number of uses, so don't summon Blades with just Rex, mmkay?


#MondayMusic A quick'n'hasty repeat post from a year or two ago that might've worked better next week.


#OkändOnsdag Mordor: Depths of Dejenol (David Allen, 1995) has nothing to do with Middle-Earth. It's also very hands-off with its combat. Here's a bit of gameplay by MythrilZenith.


With Switch games, I don't want "regular-sized" steelboxes in special editions (see XB2). A themed case for multiple games like that ?-block LoneMak posted below would be far better.


When was the last time you followed the ongoing discussion and felt you should've written your (old) cblog far better and more in-depth so that it'd fit better for the topic at hand?


Meh, I'm pro-Tora (although I'd like to give them other Blades). And I loved seeing that one Nopon farm with sprouting Tatsu lookalikes.


#MondayMusic Rob Hubbard with "Thing on a Spring". They don't name games like they used to...


Adding Xenoblade 2 to the list of games where "hours spent" is a tremendously bad indicator for how far into the game the player is.


Finally unlocked the amiibo section on New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star. Appears to be limited to custom clothing designs only (which is still a thing, yay!)


#OkändOnsdag Naming a game Parallax (Sensible Software/Ocean, 1986) is like naming a game 4K60fps today.


No blog this Wednesday. Haven't had the energy to finish the writeup and to top it all, I fell sick.


#MondayMusic I may have posted this earlier, but that's no excuse to not do it again. Space Harrier's theme on various platforms and in various games, incl. Bayonetta.


The rubber band trick in SW:BF2 reminds me of how my friend used to get many extra lives in Contra 3: at stage 3 miniboss w/ the searchlight, place both PCs at the screen edges, put something on the fire buttons, go watch a movie to pass time.


Being against progress is bothersome: I refuse to create a Twitter or FB account to be able to get better screenshots of New Style Boutique: Styling Star.


Today's "loot". As long as I don't try taking photos of animation, I think I can work with this for a cblog... if CJ doesn't get it reviewed before I find the time.


Ask me no questions and I shall leave none unanswered.


Girly Block (Telenet Japan, 1987) for MSX2 must have one of the most misleading titles for a game. What other candidates do you know?


#OkändOnsdag Firefly (Special FX Software/Ocean, 1988) is a top-down shooter where the thumbs-up/down feature feels a bit like an unnecessary early form of QTE. (Video on DerSchmu's channel, played by Reinhard Klinksiek)


Saw a photo of myself yesterday. It's nice to be reminded why I hate my face lest I start feeling good about myself.


#MondayMusic Sonic 3's Ice Cap Zone on PC had quite a different music than on Megadrive. (I think this one is worse, how about you?)


Thoughts on GameTek: The Math and Science of Gaming

Earlier this year, I backed a Kickstarter project that had the goal of publishing the best GameTek segments of the Dice Tower podcast over ten years as a book. I didn't know what Dice Tower or GameTek was, and I still have listene...


Have I missed someone or doesn't base FE Warriors have a playable ground-based character that uses a spear?


Video game awards shouldn't be Oscars but Emmies

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is a nominee for Video Game Awards' GOTY title. Understandably, that sparked a debate on whether early access titles should be eligible to be nominated for such an award: a game that hasn't been reviewed by...


Jinx's comment on DVD spindles for COD made me think if a game can use up even the largest storage media like the tape drives. Maybe Skyrim/FO4/Minecraft with mods?


#OkändOnsdag The Dam Busters (Sydney Development/various publishers, 1984) shows that there's less to render at night but has also a nice cinematic dam kill.


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