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I like Dragon Quest XI as a game. I really don't like the story or the events within it though. Playing it is fun but also very annoying.


Anyone use a dock or charging station for their DS4? Cool kit or pirate trick?


Jade from Dragon Quest XI is just the most cutest thing I've seen all week and I'm trying to concentrate but my brain is efihgfiwefhipewhfpweiohfpiwehrfipwehfpiwhepifhwepifhwepif


Need to build some sort of playlist for when i'm grinding through ranked games but I don't want to hear anyone calling it a "gaming playlist" because that sounds dumb and IM NOT DUMB :(




Are books still good? I haven't read a book in like 8 years. What are the good ones?


Aww. They ruined my favourite part of the only mobile game I could get into. PvP in Dx2 is really butt now. Unless you can take out your enemies quickly you lose to this newly implemented "magic circle" which deals damage to your team every turn >_>




Saw this at a market and all I could think of was you guys.


Spider-Man has really confused me. Do Americans really pronounce Craig like... "Kreg"? What's wrong with you people?


Nature fucked up, that bitch put two grown ass arachnids in my sleeping quarters well you guessed right if you said I evacuated the fuck out of there we sleeping on the sofa tonight I've already call the police they'll be evicted at 11am tomorrow morn'.


Ya boy is officially BANKRUPT until payday. We're talking ice for breakfast and happy thoughts for dinner. But it was worth it. Spider-Man AND Dragon Quest? Social life, where you at?


Unless the Spider-Man DLC codes just aren't active yet...Amazon has sent me ANOTHER invalid code. Someone over there is either really blind or just super dumb. Edit: Seems like it might be a global issue, similar complaints on Twitter?


Because Amazon are dumb and can't send the correct code I got 3 separate DLC codes for Dragon Quest! All with different items, nice!


Can't wait to get home ;_;


Top 10 alerts to receive on your phone


My little brother got me this 🔥🔥🔥 hat. I don't usually wear hats but I quite like this one.


Man I need Dragon Quest fast, I keep wasting time on this sorry ass MOBA ifgbeofgbeiofbieopwbfipewbhgfopbewp


I don't talk to women on motorbikes, especially red ones.


Aww, looks like I already missed out on Sekiro collector's edition. Sold out on PS4 but seems to be around for Xbox still (UK retailer).


So will anyone be picking up that Fist of the North Star game in early Oct?


Yikes, DLC announced for October 23rd. If it's only a month after the game releases, why announce it so early? "Across three chapters, experience new story missions, challenges, enemies, and suits to unlock" -- I wonder how much it will cost...?


I'm bored of my job but I don't know if I should just deal with it or start looking around...


That Cyberpunk gameplay. Damn.


Getting turnt up on hazelnut wafers and cranberry juice


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