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I docked my Switch for the first time yesterday and it wasn't even at my own house. Brought it over to a friends house to play Smash...with only 2 unlocked characters. Added extra fun to the day, playing and unlocking more as we went on.


I traded in some 3DS games and got Smash, I couldn't stay away I'm sorry


I've never been a sub over dub elitist but listening to SSSS.Gridman's English Dub made me shiver haha. Do all these anime streaming services only do current shows in English or is that just a Funimation thing?


I did it! I got my brother's Switch and a copy of Smash in my bag! I have won Christmas! I've also kinda lost as my trainers popped open and it's now I'm gonna have to whore myself out for new shoes. Life!


Don't buy old kits it's not worth it. It has been so stressful working with this thing, I want to throw it at a wall. Can't even be assed to line it (but I will because mmmm... Panel lining...) It's a stupid, stiff, loose handed MESS.


DOOM was brilliant, I'm almost feeling empty now I'm done. I need to listen to you guys more often. Still got a large list of cool games I haven't played yet. Top 3 atm I think are God of War, Yakuza and Horizon. What should I dropkick first?


I don't really fuck with new years resolutions but we really gotta step it up a bit, man.


Hahaha oh boy, the BFG 9000 is rad. I want one IRL. It's Christmas soon, btw.


I just realized...this image is likely to be American which mean that date at the bottom is in the nonsensical American format WHICH MEANS THIS CURSED FILM COMES OUT ON MY 25th BIRTHDAY. How...mean.


Dunno if anyone has posted this yet but there are free Dragon Quest XI themes and avatars out (which only seem to be available via the webstore and not PS Store...?) link in comments.


Is it bad that I don't see what makes the YouTube Rewind video so terrible?


Damn, ok. DOOM is...yeah, that's pretty good.


I had a rather fun time out with some friends I haven't seen in 7 years. I think I'm alcohol immune though. Hmm.


Oh yeah, I got this today. That's one game to tick off the list of "Good Games That I Skipped For No Good Reason". I've got Friday off work too, guess I know what I'm doing now...


Podcasts are great.


Out here in the hood we stay tooled up. Catch a hollow trippin, let him know I keep it on me.


I really hope Anthem isn't a flop, it looks like everything I love about videogames...


I took a break from playing games today. Decided to start on this HG Gundam X. This thing is almost as old as me, released in 1996. Age shows in the plastic quality and wacky snapping methods but it's still rather decent.


Oh, ok. So Dragon Quest XI is just wild. It's two games in one, huh? Shit, I wasn't going anywhere anyway.


Seems like I'm close to the end of Dragon Quest now. Such a great game, I needed more fun turn based RPG and it really hit the spot.


Bruh why sleep so good and wake so bad


The more I play Breath of the Wild the less I understand why it is so highly rated. I don't think this game is all that. It's fun, yes. But all good games should be fun. Can't really see what makes this GotY worthy though.


Friend is planning a school reunion drink up. How do I avoid it. I don't want to people :v


Bought a mystery box of 10 random "geek/gamer" t-shirts for £20. Even if only half of them are good it's still pretty worth.


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