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Left the gym feeling like Broly instead of Yamcha for once. I've slept properly for about month straight now and I'm eating proper meals at proper times. Feels good, but then I guess this is what most people call "normal"...


Has a serious video ever made you laugh uncontrollably? Skip to 2:24...


Woo, starting the day with a 1hr 30 min meeting! Yeah! Now time for breakfast! Woo! Then I'm gonna BLAST a whole load of requests! Yeah! How about I check the meeting rooms! Haaaa! Haha, WhO pUt AlL tHiS CafFeInE iN mY pUrPlE wAtEr, I fEeL sO aLiVe!


Has it come home yet?


Code Vein delayed until 2019...saddening but at least my wallet gets some recharge time.


Ok so the echo dot is now in my bedroom and I listened to this chill jazz playlist while in bed last night so now it has two uses. Still using it weekly to remind me to call my dad.


So yeah how about I just increase my backlog even further, how does that sound? Yeah? Yes? Uh huh? Ok. *places order*


Some friends of mine will be running a gaming event later this month. I'll be volunteering there too. If you're in London or know anyone in the area, take a look at the link in the comments. Should be a fun day if all goes well!


What's up people, how's life?


"Not sure if I'm enjoying this game too much tbh. Let's at least use the free crystals..." *Black Panther drops* "Wow this game is great, I love it"


2018 goes to sugar-free soft drinks I know you're killing me but where would I be without you so thanks real good shit, homies.


Back home though I didn't sleep on the plane so I'm probably gonna pass out any time now.


Same, Venompool. Same.


Hey it was nice


I'll never understand patreon cosplayers. $20 for some pics in your underwear? You know how much food I can buy with $20?


I'm new to Fate:Go and these kinda games in general. The support system makes playing we absolutely pointless. Is this permanent, can you turn it off? How do I go in without taking another player's servant?


Mosquitos are a bit of a fuck up, who invited them to the planet like why


I have a big fear and it's doing me a spook.


This holiday I've had 5 beers. That's more alcohol than I've had in the past 24 years combined.


There's a beautiful young woman here with a t-shirt that says "Hoe life or No life" in gold sparkly text. Honesty is the best policy, she's gained a fan in me.


The island must be haunted. Why else does every single dog start barking like crazy as soon as it gets close to midnight? It's so quiet otherwise, I'm sure I can hear some barking from miles away. What are they seeing/hearing..?


Lycanth Family Holiday 2018


About 12 hours until I get on the plane. Sorted out some flight entertainment (since the Switch won't last the whole trip). The My Hero book is for my brother. I didn't know what to get him. He likes the anime and it seemed like a funny side story...


Gaj put me off Xenoblade Chronicles so I picked up this since I still haven't played it yet! Oh, try to ignore the dust on my desk. I promise I'm doing some polishing right now.


Awww shiiittt, I'm on a plane on Monday! :D


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