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Occams and Jasondm300, I bless your cocks with ancient holy magic. May they stay strong forevermore.


2099 for me. It's the am but I'm having too much fun grinding on PoE


Happy 4/20 fellow lizards. I was a responsible adult and waited until 5pm after I did all my chores.


Wrist is starting to hurt from all my clicking...


You ever drink a litre of orange juice for fun?


Wish I could understand why this planets' inhabitants are obsessed with mushrooms. Terrible.


Me and a couple of androids on a quest to find the golden lifesize 2-in-1 pussy & ass hidden somewhere in the desert.


When all this nonsense is done I definitely wanna visit some of y'all in the FLESH


Path of Exile 2 is looking so good, the hype is only going up


Theme parks seem fun but I have a terrible fear of heights and there don't ever seem to be rides...closer to the ground.


...Am I going to be able to manage a 12 week old kitten?


If you know me you know why I'm excited


Do you not feel miserable being so jaded all the time it's ok to laugh at things sometimes


i dunno what the fuck y'all talking about but if you on Outriders (PC) make sure you add me on Steam. Link in comments


Why do I know nothing about this Outriders game it looks kinda cool?


Isn't it crazy to think we'll probably be playing video games for the rest of our lives?


I can't eat. I have no appetite and if I force myself to eat it doesn't stay down. What am I meant to do?


Watched that anime Maiden Abis and I gotta say she really knew how to dance


This what I like to listen to when I'm sitting in my favorite chair


DOOM 2016 was like the beginning of new story where as DOOM ETERNAL feels like some DOOM 2016 fan's horny fanfiction.


Follow up on yesterday's Ranch post: Tried it with hot wings, Ranch now has a permanent place on my shopping list.


Alright I just bought Ranch from Amazon because I always see Americans go crazy about it and I heard it's good on chicken wings so that's enough reason for me to buy it


I apologize but I require chocolate


is Ring Fit Adventure actually a decent work out or is it a videogame meme


dont put cake in the microwave


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