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I'll admit, this idea was funnier in my head.


Fire Emblem Heroes has made me understand the Gacha hype/rage. There's a super hot bad ass tanned wolf lady, as if the character was designed for me, and these stupid orbs wont let us bond like it was destined to be.


I've hardly gotten anything done, too hard to concentrate today. Trying my hardest to making it look like I'm working and professional on the outside while Inner Flanx rampages around and screams in my imaginary headspace.


I've loved fighting games my whole life but I can't play them for shit, it really is a curse lol


Which do I attack next?


Well that's God of War done. Dunno if I should take the time to do all the extra stuff or just move on to the next game.


It's a magical feeling when you find your character.


I mean, I still love it. Shame everyone seems to be determined to crash it into the ground before it's even in the air. Guess I just have bad taste.


Smash players what controllers y'all play with?


I'm enjoying God Of War. Mostly. Might be a massive hot take but the amount of unblockable enemy attacks there are makes combat incredibly uninteresting.


Going with my brother to some Smash local tomorrow, can't wait to get my ass kicked by all of his friends (and rivals). Gotta prove that I am indeed the worst Link in the area!


Oof, can't decide if I want Tales of Vesperia on the PS4 or the Switch. Guess it would be nice to play at work during my break...


So, I didn't know it was the first one in London but a Taco Bell has appeared very close to my home. Passed by it the other day and it was full. Should I venture inside or are some things not worth experiencing?


I wanna buy Kingdom Hearts 3 but I'm having trouble justifying it because I don't understand the fucking story at all. I've played 1, 2 and Birth By Sleep and apparently that isn't enough to figure out wtf is going on lmao


Fellas we about to start dinner 2, I'm celebrating the end of this year by just enjoying everything about life and right now we on food. Praise Robot Jesus.


Kinda wish I had a big ass TV to sit back and play games on, maybe that'll be a future investment.


I've come to my mother's house to find my brother playing Fortnite as if he wants me to refund his Switch or something. Where did I go wrong 😭


You ever have trouble deciding what to do so just end up spending several hours listening to music and staring into the distance? Just me?


Spent the day eating food and getting absolutely obliterated by the brother on Smash. I hope he realises that when he goes eSports he'll have to buy me a car.


Still trying to wrap my brain around Smash. It's taken me 3 days to get used to jump being mapped to a button. Now I just gotta figure out everything else...


I docked my Switch for the first time yesterday and it wasn't even at my own house. Brought it over to a friends house to play Smash...with only 2 unlocked characters. Added extra fun to the day, playing and unlocking more as we went on.


I traded in some 3DS games and got Smash, I couldn't stay away I'm sorry


I've never been a sub over dub elitist but listening to SSSS.Gridman's English Dub made me shiver haha. Do all these anime streaming services only do current shows in English or is that just a Funimation thing?


I did it! I got my brother's Switch and a copy of Smash in my bag! I have won Christmas! I've also kinda lost as my trainers popped open and it's now I'm gonna have to whore myself out for new shoes. Life!


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