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Someone recently told me that Americans get short-changed by their own confectioners nor can you guys buy Creme Eggs year round.


Amongst the million Dodo recommendations Youtube gives me was this.


If you aren't getting a launch day PS5, Bugsnax is now available on the webstore to add to your library.


Unlike Brexit, you guys get another crack at it. Good luck.


I hope Bluepoint Games' next remake is Fifa 98.


You can't say Bugsnax without Knack. Open your eyes, people.


Apparently 19 people on Steam have more time individually invested on Team Fortress 2 than the Confederacy existed. Lol.


A lot of kitty games being announced. This time with hover boards and unicorns.


Play Dragon's Dogma for the umpteenth time or finally play more than 5 minutes of the Witcher III. Decisions, decisions.


I wanted to see what the PS5 might look like horizontal.


So what was the single standout game for you in that indie showcase?


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