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I forgot how much of a jet engine the PS4 is.


Going on a flight tomorrow. Is Million Onion Hotel worth it?


Astral Chain end of mission cutscene: Well that was harrowing and traumatic. Return to base and the music starts: LET'S PARTAYYYY!!!!


Someone else signed into Netflix on my TV and I couldn't find the settings. Thankfully they have the Konami code (sort of).


Cuphead is pretty good until you're playing a flying level with the d-pad and then your analogue stick drift kicks in dragging you to the bottom of the screen, hitting everything along the way.


*First call of the day.* Shell: We need a ship. Me: Specs? Shell: 100 metre square deck, 50 crew, all-round wheelhouse ballistic protection, machine gun mounts with gunner shields forward and aft. Me:...


Ever get home, put on something comfy, pour out a dram, sprawl out on the sofa, take your glasses off, have a wee stretch, pull out your phone and find that in the time it's taken to get home, you have another 999 emails to answer before the day is done?


There's a digital pre-order bonus of a suit and dynamic theme. Don't know if it's Japan only though – sorry.


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