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Well, all done with the SFV FM grind, so decided to jump back into online and man, am I out of practice. Kolin is a lot of fun though.


Been messing around in SFV, racking up the fight money before the changes come in, and discovered that the KO screen on Alex's EX air knee is rad as hell.


Well, finally got to play through Yakuza Kiwami, and while it was great to experience Y1 in HD, man do I have some mixed feelings about how they handled the remake. Majima Everywhere is hilarious, but how heavily it gates off Dragon style is dumb as hell.


That Monster Hunter World beta is damn fun. Gorgeous, fun to explore and hunt monster through, and all the weapons feel like they're worth playing around with. Definitely gonna have to jump back into 4U when the beta ends.


Good to see Capcom stepping up all around. Excited to jump back into SFV with all the people that are gonna be starting it up or returning to it for the Arcade Edition.


Gave Warframe another shot on PC since I needed something to play while broke and having a good bit of fun with it. The wait times to craft shit are a bit too long but other than that the f2p model seems reasonable enough.


Spent the last maybe three hours finally playing through Yomawari only to finish it and hop on Dtoid to see a review for the sequel just popped up. Talk about timing! First one was quite charming, despite a couple frustrating encounters.


Dead Space 2 down. Still my favorite of the series. Leans more on the psychological elements and the enemies feel like more of a threat. 1 and 2 share the problem of having the starting weapon be too damn good, makes buying the others feel like a risk.


Replaying the Dead Space trilogy in memory of Visceral. First game holds up, but was surprisingly easy. Excellent sound design though. Its wonky rag doll physics go between hilarious and creepy on a whim — the latter when bodies get stuck in the floor.


Played through Dragon's Dogma for the first time in years. My first time going through the Dark Arisen stuff. Still an awesome game. And Magick Archer is still one of the coolest classes ever created.


I'm super pumped for Ys VIII. Been so long since Memories of Celceta and the talk seems to be that this might be the best entry so far.


Kinda surprised at how easy it is to gear up in Destiny 2 at endgame. Sitting at about 273 with my best stuff on and I haven't touched strikes or the unreleased raid yet, despite most legendary engrams seeming to cap out at 265.


So, uh... I've played a bit of Destiny 2. It's not bad.


Finally cleaned up that Titanfall 2 plat. Looking forward to getting back into the online a bit.


After stumbling upon a very well written essay (damn near a novel) on Bloodborne's lore online, I was whisked back to the days at launch of piecing together the lore through item descriptions and had to replay the whole thing. What a damn good game.


Been in a bit of a rut lately and trying to break out of it, so I might look into playing multiplayer stuff again. Probably redownload Titanfall 2. Also, somehow previews for Destiny 2 have actually been...good? Might try it if reviews are the same.


So yesterday I did nothing but game. Beat Jotun, Oxenfree, and Night in the Woods. Lovely time, all of them. Jotun was gorgeous and pretty fun, though clearly a smaller project. NitW was both hilarious and depressing. Oxenfree was fantastic altogether.


Oh my fucking god, this 2D Metroid looks like everything I wanted. Like someone took the good gameplay bits from Other M and put them in a not godawfully written game.


Pretty disappointed in the Sony E3 overall. Monster Hunter World was awesome, as were Spider-Man and God of War, but not much new. Noticed some people were worried about MHW's differences, but honestly I'd love them to use this one as a crazy experiment.


Surprisingly strong showing from Ubisoft. Mario+Rabbids somehow looked cool, Skull and Bones seems rad, Far Cry 5 continues to pique my interest, and even Assassin's Creed looks awesome for a change. Really liked the tone of the BG&E2 trailer as well.


Xbox conference was very solid, but didn't do quite enough to sell the Xbox itself. Its best showings were things I'll be able to play with what I own. Also, Anthem screams "Visual Downgrade" to me, but it does look fun as fuck.


Boy, announcing Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with no specific details seems like an awful move, because the little we did see makes it look like they just made Sun and Moon a bit better and are trying to sell it to you again less than a year later.


I have platinumed Tekken 7. Now I just need to get good at it.


Tekken 7 is taking a little getting used to but it's definitely been a fun time so far. Me and a couple friends just sat trying out every single character against each other without doing any training first and it was ridiculous but great.


Finally got to go back and finish Hollow Knight after it getting left behind before, and goddamn it's so good. True ending stuff is difficult but rad. Story was awesome. Beautiful art and animation, great gameplay. One of the best metroidvanias around.


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