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@Chris Carter Hey Chris, my buddy who is the upper management for Powercon want to ask about the company's traffic and now Toid can help the event and brands.


Hey folks, I've been waiting for quite a while to buy Uno the game on Uplay. but if anyone suffered from lockdown wanna hang out and deal with shenanigans playing UNO. Let me know so we could group up. :)


@Patrick Hancock P, did you try The new Wolcen patches? wanna hang out with players & Devs in discord?


@Jed Whitaker Hey Jed, I just want your impression on this one. https://www.asus.com/Sound-Cards/Xonar%20/ I'm a proud owner of this soundcard.


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Hello and Hi, I'm Fendi and also known as BrazenBull. My selection of game are primary all sort of RPG games with a little touch on Platformer and racing game.

I'm also a part time (or non active) rock editor in Rapgenius and also a proud member of He-Man.org